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Top 3 Reasons to Use Wooden Wall Panelling in Your Home

Merino Laminates, January 22, 2024

You might have come up with the decision to renovate a specific room in your house or move into a new home. The only concern on your mind would be about the final look and appearance of the space. What is the most prominent highlight in a room that catches attention? Obviously, the most significant things in a room are the walls, and wall décor immediately holds the attention of visitors.

This is where you would find decorative wall panels as the best option for interior décor. Wall panelling has become one of the standard practices for decorating café interiors and luxury hotel rooms. Interestingly, wooden wall panelling has emerged as a favourite pick for interior design. Let us learn more about the benefits of wooden wall panelling for your homes and offices.

What is Wall Panelling?

Before you learn about wooden wall panelling, it is crucial to understand the meaning of wall panelling. How is wall panelling helpful for interior design? The primary use of wall panels in interior design focuses on improving the aesthetic appeal of the home. It not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the interiors but also adds soundproofing to the room. 

Homeowners use wall panelling as an unconventional ideal for wall décor as it offers the freedom to choose the desired appearance for your walls. Find more insights about choosing wall panelling for your home right here. You can choose different types of materials, such as natural stone, hardwood or laminate wall panels

You might wonder about the ideal choice of materials for wall panelling to decorate the interiors of your homes and offices. Do you know the benefits of wooden wall panelling? It has become one of the popular choices for anyone who wants to craft dreamy interiors with their individual style. 

Why Choose Wooden Wall Panelling?

The decision to choose wooden wall panels might not be easy for a complete beginner in interior design. You can explore some wall panelling ideas for your home by trusted experts. However, you would be right to have some doubts before installing wooden wall panelling for your home. You can solve such doubts by examining how the traditional log cabin left an impression. 

Wooden wall panelling is unique and brings you closer to nature. It offers the flexibility to incorporate organic designs in your interiors. Many people use wood slat wall panelling to add a natural touch to the interiors of their homes. Here are some of the top reasons to choose wooden wall panelling. 

  • Wooden Panels Improve Aesthetic Value

The foremost reason to choose wooden decorative wall panels is their aesthetic value. Homeowners can explore various choices for decorative wall panelling ideas right away. However, it is essential to note the diversity of styles you can explore with wooden wall panelling solutions. The attention to detail in different types of finishes for wooden panels ensures that your interior design is entirely unique.

  • Durability and Ease of Installation 

The next important reason to choose wooden wall panels for interior design is their durability. On top of that, you don’t have to worry about complex maintenance procedures to ensure that wooden panels can stand the test of time. At the same time, you cannot undermine the benefits of easy installation of wooden panelling.

  •  Insulation and Soundproofing

The insulating properties of wood also make it an ideal choice for decorative wall panelling in your interiors. The natural insulation capabilities of wood help in maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home. Discover some exclusive wall panelling design ideas with wooden panels right now. Another trusted reason to choose wooden panels is the advantage of better acoustics and soundproofing. It would be helpful for homes and offices near busy roads or the ones with adjacent flats and apartments.

  • You Can Also Install Them on Uneven Surfaces

If you think that easy installation of wooden wall panels is an advantage, then you must note how they help in concealing irregularities. Uneven wall surface finishes can be a significant setback in the interior décor of your rooms. In such cases, wooden wall panelling can help disguise stained walls or cover up hairline cracks with ease.

How Merino Can Help You?

Merino Laminates is your trusted destination for decorative wall panels crafted from laminate sheets. You can also find other options for wall panelling, depending on your requirements. With years of experience in providing the best quality plywood and decorative panels, Merino Laminates stands out as a reliable service provider. Tell us your requirements and get the best options for wooden wall panelling to elevate your interior décor right away.


Q. How long does wood panelling last?

Wood panelling is exceptionally durable and could stand the test of time for longer durations. However, the durability of wood panels depends on the material and maintenance of the panels.

Q. How thick is wood panelling for walls?

The recommended thickness for wood panelling on walls ranges from 6mm to 9mm. You can also use thicker wall panels based on your distinctive interior design requirements.

Q. Can you use normal paint on wood panelling?

No, you cannot use normal paint on wood panelling. If you have installed new wood panels, they would be very porous and require an additional layer of paint as a primer. You must use the diluted base layer as a primer and special interior paint with a satin finish.

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