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The Armour External Wall Cladding Film range comes with UV resistant Filmed Layer and is manufactured under high pressures and temperatures which yields a highly durable and dense EWC panel; hence, making Merino Armour External Wall Claddings truly superior and strong for your exteriors.



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Armoured Against All Weather

Highly weather-resistant even when exposed to extreme cold or heat conditions and extreme levels of humidity.

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Armoured Against UV

A special UV protected treatment makes the claddings UV resistant and prevents discolouring under long exposure to direct sunlight.

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Armoured Against Climatic Shock

It is resistant to a sudden change in temperature and humidity in the atmosphere.


Armoured Against Corrosion

Absolutely corrosion-free unlike other external cladding products.

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Armoured Against Graffiti

EWC Laminate is graffiti-resistant to eliminate vandalism concerns, scratches, and much more.

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Armoured Against Termites

Highly resistant to termite and fungal attack.

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Armoured Against Moisture

Highly moisture resistant hence, ideal for use in all types of exterior cladding.

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Armoured Against Impact

It is impact resistant and has a very good modulus of elasticity due to the modified phenolic resin.

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Armoured Against Abrasion

It has superior abrasion and wear resistance capabilities which gives it good lifespan.

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Armoured Against Fire

Special edition claddings are resistant to high temperatures and flame conditions. EWC is available with flame retardant grade.


    Merino External Wall Cladding is a solid exterior grade compact high pressure laminate. It is specially treated with acrylic resin and electron beam curing, thus providing it with weather resistance and UV resistance. The range has multiple design configurations, sizes, shapes, and is optimized for multiple applications including residence, shopping malls, hotels, apartments, office buildings, retail, airports etc. The EWC range is powered with high levels of resistance to weather, UV rays, climatic shock, corrosion, graffiti, pollutants and abrasion.

  • Advantages

    Recorded as ‘Energy Saving System’

    • The process aids in removal of heat and moisture from rain or condensation in the cavity through continuous air ventilation, results in 20% decreased energy consumption to retain indoor room temperature.
    • Also the insulation remains corrosion free due to minimal intervention with water or moisture through rain.
  • Application Areas

    External wall applications

  • Test Data
  • Disclaimer

    Physical laminate colour may vary from its digital interpretation. The colour appearance of original products may vary due to external factors.


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