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Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Decorative Wall Panels

Merino Laminates, December 8, 2023

When you are done buying your dream house, the next big thing you stumble upon is getting the interiors done just right. Well, you do need a theme in mind to craft your living room, kitchen, bedroom, and other spaces around the house. While you are getting done with the interiors around these spaces, the walls will play the most crucial role in giving you the desired look you expect. 

Therefore, choosing wall panels is one of the most important jobs while planning on working on house interiors. Do you know why? It is because there is an abundance of options out there for you to get your walls appealing and aesthetically pleasing. But, you do need to stick with certain factors to decide on the one that would go well with your planned interior theme. 

So, this article is about educating you on certain things that you must keep in mind while choosing decorative wall panels. This would help you bring that awe vibe to your property. 

What are Wall Panels?

Wall panels are meant to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the house, which not only provides a look but also helps with soundproofing or insulation. It is an alternative to the convention decor ideas for walls, as homeowners now have the liberty to give their walls a desirable appeal! May it be of hardwood, natural stone, or other such elements, the use of laminate wall panels is a winning move for anyone who wants to craft a dreamy home! 

Tips to Choose Decorative Wall Panels for Your Interiors

Here are some of the tips that you can count on for choosing the perfect decorative wall panels for the interiors of your house:

1. Check the Availability of Design Options

Walls can be the center of attraction for people living in it and the guests you welcome on occasion. So, why not pick certain panels that would act as a treat to the eyes? Look out for decorative wall panels that are rich in colours with dramatic accents, just like Merino’s Shaurya interior wall claddings. 

Compared to the usual wall panelling options, Shaurya’s compact laminate sheets come with an abundance of design options or shades than usual. This enables you to contrast your walls to that of your furniture design or lighting setup. Thus, you don’t have to compromise on creating a balanced vibe around your home!

Whether you want the marble-like appeal on your walls or stick with the solid colours, Shaurya internal wall cladding offers you the flexibility to pick the ones that satisfy your definition of an appealing interior. Your choice of wall panels should do justice to your overall decor, and Shaurya interior wall cladding can help you attain that!

2. Look Out for Anti-Microbial Properties

The idea behind choosing laminates over usual stone claddings is not just about having multiple design options to choose from. Instead, it is also about picking the materials that can contribute towards ensuring good health for people living in it. For that, you must ensure that the laminates you pick as your wall panels have anti-microbial properties. 

Unlike the stone cladding options, Merino’s Shaurya interior wall panels boast about being embedded with anti-microbial properties. Due to this, you can ensure that the spread of microorganisms will be slowed down within the living space, keeping away the disease-causing protozoans, viruses, fungi, bacteria, etc. 

Thus, using these decorative wall panels by Shaurya-Merino, you can expect to maintain good hygiene around your house while holding onto the charismatic appeal

3. Take Note of the Maintenance Guidelines

The use of conventional stone panels will demand you to implement periodic sealings to keep out stains or other wear & tear impacts. And such high-maintenance demands often become tough for your pocket to bear. Therefore, the use of laminates as decorative wall panels is what has been considered a cost-effective and better alternative to stone panels. 

But, even when using laminates as wall panels for your home interior decor, be assured you are aware of the minimal yet important maintenance efforts you must make. With Shaurya wall panels by Merino, all you have to do is, occasional cleaning with damped cloth or a few suggested chemicals. 

In most cases, laminate sheets don’t demand intensive maintenance and demand you to just wipe clean the dust & dirt off the surface. In case of stains, a mild soap blended with water will do the job! 

Why to Choose Merino Panels?

If you have a pre-set theme in mind, you are already one step ahead of deciding what would suit best for the walls of your home. But, if you are blank on any particular theme, it is advised you take the help of an interior designer and discuss what would look best on your walls to complement the planned theme. 

Once you have made up your decision, our collections at Merino Laminates await you! Merino Laminates brings you the best collections at affordable prices and with quality guaranteed. The range of options we have with us will definitely overwhelm you! So, take the help of your interior designer and surf through our ocean of wall panel collections to choose the best pick for your specific interior theme! 


Q. How do you hang decorative wall panels?

There are two ways you can hang decorative wall panels to your property space: one is through wall hung method, and the other is through wall wall-punched system. 

Upon using Shaurya interior wall panels and using the wall hung method, you will be provided with aluminum profile frames, which will hold compact panels of up to 9mm, using a dedicated interlocking mechanism. The aluminum profiles are designed to stay hidden underneath the laminate panels, ensuring the front appeal doesn’t reveal them. 

On the other hand, the wall-punched system demands you to fix the compact panels directly to the wall without the use of any aluminum profiles. But the top, corners, and bottom parts are still packed with those profiles in order to protect the edges. 

Q. What is the role of decorative panels?

Decorative wall panels are meant to enhance the aesthetics of the house and give it an elegant appeal. Gone are the days when paint jobs were a thing! Now, wall panels are considered the best decor elements for adding a glamorous vibe to the space. 

Q. How durable are wall panels?

Wall panels made with the best quality material are resistant to damage, corrosion or moisture, which makes them durable enough to last for more than 20 to 30 years. 

Q. What are the benefits of wall panels?

Some of the benefits associated with using the wall panels include:

  • Cost-effective
  • Widened design options
  • Fire Retardant
  • Eco-friendly
  • Easy to install

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