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Choosing Best Panelling for your Home and Office Spaces

Merino Laminates, June 8, 2021

Panelling is a solution used in structural and interior design to enhance the appearances of walls, doors, and furniture. It is one of the easiest and most economical of ways in which the décor of your settings can be elevated to achieve the desired ambience- be it at home or an office space. Panelling walls and furniture help to conceal unappealing flaws in the texture and design on them, such as uneven surfaces, or visible wiring and thereby helps to attain a clean, neat, and aesthetic look.

With a remarkable collection of Panels available in a host of finishes and styles, Merino assists you in your journey to making your home and office spaces an unforgettable experience.

Conventionally used to build insulation between walls and living spaces, Wall Panelling has now also become the most popular way to spruce-up your interiors. Wall panelling sheets are chosen over other alternatives because they also tend to come at a cheaper price. Choosing the right kind of panel for your walls is an important task while designing your interiors. While choosing panels, also remember to note the longevity, endurance, and maintenance requirements of the materials chosen to avoid distress later.

Panelling of furniture, used for both residential and commercial spaces have also now become a common practice. Just as in the case of walls, panelling can help to improve the visual appeal of your furniture, in addition to hiding unpleasant structural features. At home, you may want to use panels in your modular kitchens, doors, and different furniture in your living spaces to give them an immaculate feel. In an office space, the use of panels is multi-fold, such as in cubicles, desks, and doors.

While choosing panels for your home and office space, it is important to keep in mind to select appropriate panelling for each setting. In surfaces where you desire a high aesthetic appeal, you may choose to go for panelling that exhibits high gloss. It is imperative to also look for features such as resistance to abrasion and scratch, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties while opting for such panelling. In other areas, you may prefer a matte, more smooth finish. Depending on where you want to use such panelling, properties such as impact resistance and heat resistance should also be sought after.

Merino presents Gloss Meister and Matte Meister ideal for use in both these unique requirements. Combining all the qualities essential for such panelling, they also come in several colors. You may prefer to use Gloss Meister to enhance the visual appeal in your kitchen surfaces and living areas. Matte Meister, being impact resistant and fingerprint resistant has both vertical and horizontal applications.

Available in an extensive variety of designs, colors and textures, Post Laminated Panels may just be the most versatile type of panelling out there. It has varied applications and can make any surface look striking. Whether it is for use in workspaces where you want modular office systems, for computer stations- at home or for commercial use, kitchen cabinet doors, other storage cabinet doors, tables- you name it and Post Laminate Panels may just be applied anywhere you need them. These panels are ready to use solution for all your furniture needs and are great in quality. The best part about them is that they are tremendously easy to fabricate and will save you a lot of time.

A brand that enjoys global recognition in the panels industry, Merino helps you choose the best panelling for your home and office spaces. If your walls and furniture could talk, they would tell happy stories with such spectacular panelling.

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