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A special range, the Metalam Laminates combine the durability of metal with the versatility of laminates. It’s designed for vertical interior or ceiling applications, for the addition of special accents, moods and highlights.


Metalam 2


Mirror Like Finish 1

Lustrous Finish

Merino metalam laminates have a real metallic surface. This allows for the product to have that highly desired metallic sheen.

Mirror Like Finish 1

Mirror Finish

Merino offers mirror decor in Bronze, Silver, Gold & Copper.

Heat Resisitant

Heat Resistance

Merino Metalam Surfaces are engineered to withstand heat without losing decor or un-bonding of the metallic surface.

Stain resistant

Stain Resistant

The metallic surface ensures easy cleaning of the stains and ensures the metallic sheen lasts for years without fading.

Impact resistant

Impact Resistant

Metalam decorative laminates are impact resistant as per EN 438 standards and will not dent like ordinary metal sheets.

  • Introduction

    This special range combines the durability of metal with the versatility of laminates. It is designed for vertical interior or ceiling applications where a special accent is required, or a metallic expression is desired. Metallic laminates are manufactured by pressing metallic foils along with kraft paper core sheets impregnated with phenolic resin.

    The bright reflective face of these laminates lends a modern decorative appeal to the interiors and renders the ambience with a modern, sleek and an urban look. Metalam is durable and can be used in hospitality, gaming, entertainment zones, interior designs, set design, retail signage, display, cruise and furniture industry.

  • Composition

    • Grade MTS
    • Uses a Metal Foil instead of Decor paper.
    • Bonded using Lacquer

    Metal Foil:

    Real MEtal foil is used in place of decor paper, impregnated with Melamine Formaldehyde Resin for protection from scratches.

    Kraft Paper:

    Kraft paper impregnated with Phenol Formaldehyde Resin which is naturally antibacterial, and provides impact strength.

  • Advantages

    • Metalam Metal Foil Laminates are durable & strong to give your interiors varying levels of depth.
    • Metalam are recommended for use only on vertical surfaces of your interiors. When used on any horizontal surface, they should be protected under glass or other equivalent materials.
    • It doesn’t allow dust particles to accumulate on the surface, resulting in a clean and healthy place.
  • Application Areas


    • Vertical only

    Ideal For Areas:

    • Hospitality Sector
    • Gaming & Entertainment Industry
    • Interior & Set designing
    • Retail Segment
    • Signage & display
    • Cruise & furniture industry
  • Care, Maintenance & Fabrication

  • Test Data

  • Disclaimer

    Physical laminate colour may vary from its digital interpretation. The colour appearance of original products may vary due to external factors.


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