Get rid of black edges with unique range of homogeneous solid colours, having the same colour of decorative surfaces and core layers, giving perfect uniformity in look and design.

Choose from the wide range of designs available to pick the ones that suits you the best!


UNI+ Laminates Compsition


Edge Colour

Edgeless colour finish

With UNI+ laminates, it is possible to achieve a very aesthetic & seamless look for all kinds of application areas.

Dry - Heat Resistant

Dry Heat Resistant

UNI+ laminates are resistant to dry heat as per EN438 specifications. They are recommended for workshops and countertops in the kitchen.

Exceptional 1


UNI+ laminates are available with MR+ finish, which increases resistance to microscratches, ensuring that the glossy surface remains pristine for a long time.

High Decorative

Highly Decorative

Merino’s UNI+ range is offered in several decors.


Scratch Resistance

UNI+ Laminates are scratch resistant and will maintain their decor for a long time.

Imapct Resistant


UNI+ decorative laminates are impact resistant as per EN 438 standards.

  • Introduction

    The range combines the features of decorative laminates surface with solid homogeneous colors, giving the laminates a uniformity in look. The uniformity in colour, shape, texture and lines, product the perfect smooth finish. The laminate is heat, stain and Mar resistant. The laminate allows for interesting manifestations to be created on the surface by engraving and routing.

  • Composition

    • Grade BTS as per EN438 classification.
    • Use of colour-matched kraft paper in core layers allows for a seamless surface that doesn’t have any brown edges.

    Decor paper:

    Decor paper impregnated with specially formulated MF resin forms the top layer of the laminate and creates a beautiful decorative surface that is homogenous and has colour fastness.

    Colour matched kraft paper:

    Coloured kraft paper impregnated with specially formulated resin provides the core of the laminate with impact resistance and prevents bowing while allowing the colour to shine through.

  • Advantages

    • Abrasion Resistance – Merino UNI+ Unicolour Laminate has higher abrasion resistance than standard grade laminate.
    • Aesthetics –Absence of dark lines in the Merino UNI+ Unicolour gives a clean look to interior furniture. Allows interesting effect to be created on the surface by engraving and routing.
    • Highly Decorative – Wide range of attractive solid colours to choose from.
    • Mar Resistance – Merino UNI+ Unicolour Laminates with MR+ properties give excellent Mar resistance. Therefore it can maintain the gloss level three times longer than ordinary High Gloss Laminates. Lab result shows 95% gloss retention after being scrubbed with calibrate as per procedure defined by ATSM D6037- 96(Reapproved in 2008).
    • Colour-Fast – Colour is resistant to Xenon light.
    • Heat Resistance – Merino UNI+ Unicolour Laminate can withstand temperature of 180°C (356°F). It makes them ideal for use in Kitchen applications also.
    • Stain Resistance – Compared to standard laminates it has better resistance to stains.
  • Application Areas


    • Vertical
    • Horizontal

    Ideal For Areas:

    • Tabletops
    • Counter-tops
    • Desks
    • Drawers
    • Display shelves
    • Shutters
    • Kids room
    • Kitchens
    • Bar & lounge area
    • Reception & conference room
    • Gyms & spas
    • Display shelves etc.
  • Care, Maintenance & Fabrication

  • Test Data

  • Disclaimer

    Physical laminate colour may vary from its digital interpretation. The colour appearance of original products may vary due to external factors.

    Unicolour should not be used with Plywood as substrate. We recommend use of MDF or Particleboard. Do not paste Unicolor more than 2ft in width as the sheet expands more in width then in length.


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