Certifications & Accreditations


We encourage adherence to safety standards, promote ease of application, strive to reduce installation time, and help our customers to maintain their interiors better with usage information.

At Merino, quality is a tradition that is followed meticulously and in its entirety. Our commitment to the highest standards in the manufacturing process has won certifications including ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001, for all facilities.

Merino has integrated all the stages of its operation through ERP, ensuring transparency and on-time information to customers and service providers.

A dedicated and focused Research and Development team works unremittingly towards continuous innovation and improvement, resulting in an array of superior quality products. Moreover, experts from around the world are invited to strengthen our knowledge base.

NSF International

GREENGUARD Certification Backer

GREENGUARD Certification Compact

GREENGUARD Certification ESD

GREENGUARD Certification FR

GREENGUARD Certification HGS

GREENGUARD Certification Marker Board

GREENGUARD Certification Post Forming

GREENGUARD Gold Certification Backer

GREENGUARD Gold Certification Compact

GREENGUARD Gold Certification ESD

GREENGUARD Gold Certification FR

GREENGUARD Gold Certification HGS

GREENGUARD Gold Certification Marker Board

GREENGUARD Gold Certification Post Forming

IN50659A-Merino Panel Product ISO 9001

IN50660B-Merino Panel Product ISO 14001

IN50666C-Merino Panel Product OHSAS 18001


GRIHA 2020-22

Chem+ 1 mm SEFA 3 report

Chem+ 16 mm SEFA 3 report

ISO Certificate MIL Branches

ISO Certificate MIL Manufacturing Plants

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