Wall Panelling Ideas


Merino Laminates, December 8, 2020

In structural and interior design, panelling is a solution employed to elevate the attractiveness of walls. Wall panelling is one of the most preferred ways in which to enhance the visual appeal of your interiors. This is because of the ease with which panels can be installed onto your walls, and also because it is the cheapest of choices. Apart from beautifying your walls, panelling can also help in covering up certain unpleasant structural and design flaws that your walls may have- such as rough and irregular surfaces, cable wires that are protruding out and the likes. This helps give your interiors a clean and orderly look. If you are looking for aesthetic, and effective ways to transform your walls, read on for ideas you can use.
There is an assortment of materials available out there that you can use for panelling your walls- some of them are wood boards, stones, bricks, PVC, and laminates. Laminates are amongst the most feasible options to use as material for wall panelling. Using laminate boards to panel walls are becoming an increasingly popular practice. This is because they combine the most desired qualities in wall panelling- beauty and durability. Laminates are also easy to install, give you the best prices and are available in an overwhelming number of designs and colors.
Give the walls in your bedrooms and living areas a facelift using panels from Merino, a global leader in the industry. If you are a fan of materials with a smooth, matte finish then Matt Meister – Matt Panels from Merino is just the perfect choice for you. These panels bring together the most sought after qualities of elegance and endurance. Make your walls look sleek and immaculate by installing Matt Meister on your walls. They are highly impact and scratch-resistant, and anti-fingerprint ensuring that your walls always look spotless.

Virtually indistinguishable from veneers and solid woods, Laminature from Merino is an excellent choice to consider installing on your walls. The seamless texture of laminature gives you the perceptible feel of natural materials and is highly decorative.

Internal wall cladding is also an option that is available if you are looking for a fresh new look for your walls. Cladding too can be done in a variety of ways, such as stone cladding, timber cladding, vinyl cladding and cladding using laminates. Much like panelling, laminates are the top choice for many in cladding too. Cladding your interior walls is a remarkable way to both protect your walls and to redecorate them. It has several benefits- cladding acts as a layer of insulation, is easy to install and maintain, and is an inexpensive option to modernize your walls. Cladding also has many applications and is for every part of your home. Shaurya is Merino’s internal wall cladding solution made of high-pressure compact laminate. Highly resistant to damage from moisture, impact, scratch color fading, Shaurya also comes in a large variety of colors and finishes.

Transform the interiors of your home with these wall panelling ideas. When looking to install panels, make sure you explore all the options that are available out there. Also, educate yourself regarding the prices of each of these options. If you think you need more inspiration in this area, head over to Merino to check out exciting design ideas for all your wall panelling needs.

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