Performance Laminate


The performance laminates are marked with specialized performance features which have properties of Anti-bacterial, Chemical Resistance, Electro Static Dissipative and Fire Retardant.

Product Category

AB+ (Antibacterial Surfaces)

Antibacterial Surfaces

Chem+ (Chemical Resistant Lab Grade)

Chemical Resistant Lab Grade Laminates

ESD+ (Electro Static Dissipative)

Electro Static Dissipative Laminates

FR+ (Fire Retardant)

Fire Retardant Laminates

Key Features


Anti bacterial

Inhibits growth and spread of bacterial colonies. Proven 99.99% reduction of bacteria within 24 hours.

Hygienic icon


These have homogenous, non-porous and antibacterial, which helps in creating and maintaining hygiene.

Highly Decorative

Highly Decorative

Allows for recreating and matching any decor material, without any size or thickness limitations.

Scratch resistant

Scratch Resistant

The scratch resistant decor of the product lasts for years without fading or loss of gloss maintaining colour fastness.

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