Tuff Gloss MR+


A stunning range of super gloss laminates that offer a high level of resistance to scuff, mar (micro scratches) and abrasions, maintaining 4 times longer shine than any other laminate. There’s a wide range of attractive solid colours, wood grains & design patterns to choose from.


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High gloss

High Gloss Units

The degree of glossiness can be measured by a glosseter, and Tuff Gloss MR+ has the best gloss in the market.

Exceptional 1

Exceptional Mar Resistance

Mar resistance helps the laminate protect from micro-scratches, which can otherwise diminish the glossiness due to everyday use.

High Abrasion

High Abrasion Resistance

Tuff gloss technology gives 3 to 4 times better abrasion resistance than normal high gloss laminate.


Scuff Resistance

Tuff Gloss MR+ is highly protected against scuffs from everyday use, and is therefore recommended in challenging applications like kitchen and kids room.

Clor- fast

Color Fast

The decor of the product lasts for years without fading or loss of gloss, maintaining colour fastness.

Heat Resistant

Heat Resistant

These laminates can withstand a temperature of 180 degrees, making them ideal for use in kitchen applications.

  • Introduction

    High gloss with resistance to scuffs and mar abrasions (light surface damage). This stunning range of super gloss laminates adds a layer of lustre and sheen to the interiors.

  • Composition

    Mar Grade Overlay

    High grade anti-abrasion layer that uses special technology to protect the laminate from scuff and mar.

    Decor Paper:

    Special high gloss decorative paper is impregnated in MF resin that has been processed to ensure a very high gloss finish for the laminate.

    Kraft Paper:

    Kraft paper impregnated with phenol formaldehyde resin; which is naturally antibacterial, and specially modified to improve its performance against a variety of microbes.

  • Advantages

    Mar Resistance –MR + Tuff Gloss Technology gives excellent mar resistance thereby maintaining the gloss level three times longer than ordinary High Gloss laminate. Lab results show 95% gloss retention after being scrubbed with calibration as per procedure defined by ASTM D 6037 – 96 (2008).

    Abrasion Resistant – MR+ Tuff Gloss Technology gives 2 to 3 times better abrasion resistance than ordinary high gloss laminate.

    Gloss Level –The Gloss meter reading of MR+ Tuff Gloss Laminate is over 110 when tested at 60° angle whereas other gloss laminates have 80 gloss meter reading when tested at 60° angle.

    Impact Resistant – Special top layer along with the buildup gives better impact resistance thereby protecting the surface from falling objects.

    It is 100 % safe to use in kitchen as it is non-toxic and non-porous.

    Highly Decorative – Wide range of attractive solid colours, wood grains & design patterns to choose from.

    Colour-Fast – Colour is resistant to Xenon light.

    Resistant to Heat –Can withstand a temperature of 180° C, making it ideal for use in kitchen applications.

    Stain Resistant –MR+ Tuff Gloss Laminate is resistant to stain and shows better results as compared to other high gloss laminates.

  • Application Areas


    • Vertical
    • Horizontal

    Ideal For Areas:

    • Kitchen
    • Kid Room
    • Bar Area
    • Dining Room
    • Reception
    • Conference Room
    • Restaurants etc
  • Care, Maintenance & Fabrication

  • Test Data

  • Disclaimer

    Physical laminate colour may vary from its digital interpretation. The colour appearance of original products may vary due to external factors.


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