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Top 3 Wall Panel Ideas for Home Interiors

Merino Laminates, January 25, 2024

The walls of a home are like an empty canvas on which you can paint your personal style and identity. As the domain of interior décor evolves continuously, it is essential to find alternatives that make your home look chic. Have you thought of wall panels as tools for interior décor? When you have to buy your dream house or renovate the rooms in your existing home, you will be worried about the interiors. 

Irrespective of the type of themes you want to incorporate in different spaces of your home, you have to depend on walls to achieve the desired looks. Why? Walls are the largest parts of any room and attract the attention of everyone. Let us learn more about wall panelling and popular wall panelling designs for interiors.  

What is Wall Panelling?

The first thing you need to learn before using laminated panels on your walls is an in-depth understanding of wall panelling. Wall panelling is the process of attaching decorative sheets to the walls with strong adhesives. You can find multiple benefits of wall panels for interior design right here

If you want to add a distinctive vibe to the interiors of your office cabins, bedrooms or living rooms, laminates might be the ideal answer. The different variants of wall panelling include multiple materials, such as plywood, wood and veneer. However, you can find wall panelling laminates made of many other materials for different interior décor purposes.

Common Materials Used for Wall Panels

Panelling is obviously a trusted solution for improving the aesthetic value of walls in the interiors of your homes or offices. You can explore multiple ideas for wall panelling in your home right now. The elegance of your interior décor would differ according to the material used in the wall panels for your home. The common materials used for wall panelling include wooden panels, glass, wainscoting, veneer, MDF, chipboard, PVC, fabric and metal panels. Each material offers some unique traits which validate its applications in wall panelling.

Wooden panels are made of medium-density fiberboards and fit perfectly in the interiors of any room in your home. MDF or medium-density fiberboard is the most common material used for wall décor with the advantage of cost-effectiveness. Veneer wood panels are crafted from plywood, solid wood and other materials. 

The authentic wooden finish in veneer panels makes sure that they incorporate a rich look in the interiors. PVC laminated panels are also an effective choice for decorating walls with the assurance of low maintenance and higher durability. Fabric, metal and glass panels are more sophisticated alternatives for wall panelling and incorporate luxurious aesthetics in home or office interiors.   

Top 3 Wall Panelling Designs for Interiors

The search for wall panelling designs for interiors could lead you to different options in the market. However, the task of using wall panels for interior design is also challenging when it comes to the selection of the perfect design. Let us check out some of the top wall panelling designs for the interiors of your home.

  • Grooved Wall Panels

Grooved wall panels have a look similar to shiplap wall panels. However, they are different in terms of installation. In the case of groove panelling, the installation involves joining two wood panels. One side of the panel has a protruding section, known as a tongue, and an open slit, known as a groove. The grooved wall panel installation involves interlocking the two panels and offers the easiest installation process. The grooved wall panels are the perfect picks for bedrooms and cabins in your homes.

  • Wooden Wall Panels

You can enhance the interior décor of rooms in your home with wooden wall panels that add texture and warmth to the interior spaces. Wooden laminated panels can incorporate heritage looks in traditional or contemporary home interiors. Decorative panels such as smoke oak veneers have emerged as the ideal choice for the beautification of walls. It is important to remember to check the shades or colour tones of the wooden panels that align with the colour theme of the room.  

  • Fabric Wall Panels

Fabric wall panelling has become a trendy choice for interior design projects due to different reasons. Apart from their decorative value, fabric wall panels could help in soundproofing the room. How? Fabric panels are thick enough to eliminate the noise from outside. You can add fabric panels in master bedrooms and guest rooms to infuse an alluring design, ensuring privacy in the interior space. On top of it, fabric panels add some uniqueness to different rooms in your home in terms of aesthetic value.  

How Merino Can Help You?

Merino Laminates is your trusted destination to pick laminated panels for wall décor in your home. You can explore the collection of wall panelling options for your homes with the flexibility of choosing from different materials. Merino Laminates also offers a choice of different designs of wall panelling that can match your expectations. Take a look at our wall panel collection and bring a new aesthetic vibe to your home right now.


Q. Are wall panels easy to install?

The installation process of wall panels involves the use of adhesives or fasteners for attaching the panels to the walls. You would find different types of installation methods according to the type of panels.

Q. Which wall panelling is best for the living room?

Decorative wall panels are the best choices for living rooms. For example, groove wall panels, brick wall panels or raised panels can be the ideal choices for your living room.

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