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Merino Group believes that Corporate Social Responsibility is a mindset that instils socially responsible thinking coupled with formulating a strategy to use our skills and resources, thereby creating a positive change in the livelihood of the underprivileged sections of society.

Our willingness and commitment towards responsible work for society & environment was conceived much prior to the time it was made a part of statutory enactment for imparting a part of our business profits towards larger goods.

As a concerned corporation, we believe it is our duty to practice the format of business that support society and more sustainable means of work.

Merino: People First

Education, healthcare & women empowerment are the most important development parameters for society today. At Merino, we understand the importance of these issues and are committed to our core value of People First. Free and quality education was a distant dream for many economically deprived families who now benefit from the various initiatives of the Group. The holistic education provided through the SVAV school, add on tutorial support for the economically deprived, scholarship programs for the deserving and vocational training workshops all go a long way in bridging the social divide. The Merino group also operates various mid-day meal programs for children who otherwise had little access to quality nutrition. Through “Shri Prem Chand Lohia Health Centre”, the Group has addressed the critical healthcare issue of Tuberculosis. Dispensaries and mobile vans reach out to people of 72 villages, thus making healthcare accessible to the economically deprived. Additionally, the Group focuses on enhanced wellness through regular yoga camps and classes that reiterate its priority of people first. Also, the Group has started stitching & computer classes for women to make them economically independent.

CSR Practices Of Merino Group

As a concerned corporate, we believe it is our duty to support the weaker sections of society through our sustained CSR projects. The focus is on the following programs, which the company has initiated through contributions made to its dedicated registered CSR Trust, namely Sri Hara Kasturi Trust, formed specifically for this purpose.

Our CSR work segments into the following stream of work:

  1. HealthCare
  2. Children Development
  3. Women Empowerment
  4. Merino Masks


‘Shri Prem Chand Lohia Health Centre’

On finding that prevalence of Tuberculosis (TB) in Hapur is a more daunting burden on health conditions than anything else, especially amongst the needy, many of whom lack accessibility to caring and better healthcare facilities, the Trust has taken a modest step to provide general OPD along with the complete treatment of TB through ‘Shri Prem Chand Lohia Health Centre’ at Hapur. It is working to fight against the dreaded disease of TB in about 72 villages in Hapur in collaboration with the Department of Tuberculosis, Govt. of India.

Presently, the health centre has three units of dispensaries with doctors and supporting medical staff to provide general OPD for patients and for treatment of TB in particular. These are located in Achheja, Garhmukteshwar and Hapur town, respectively and serve the healthcare needs of poor people in nearby localities.

The Trust also provides medical facilities to needy patients in and around the establishments of Merino group in Hapur through mobile vans manned by qualified doctors. In addition to provision for allopathy-based healthcare facilities, the centre also provides Ayurveda practice of medicine for the treatment of patients. In view of the promotion of healthy and holistic living, the Trust also promotes learning of Yoga-Asanas and knowledge of Ayurveda. During the year under report, over 50 yoga camps and classes for training were organized. This initiative is aimed at improving the state of health of the people availing the services of the Yoga Instructors.

The free services prevention of diseases among the poor and needy and for their well-being is one of the steps taken toward building up a healthy society. The promotion of yogic practices helps to build a strong body and mind and work for the betterment of all-around social well-being.

Oxygen Plant set up in Hapur for the country's welfare

At Merino, ensuring safety in the near future starts by preparing in the present. Hence, we want to be a step ahead. On July 18, 2021, Central Minister Shri VK Singh, along with MD Shri Prakash Lohia and directors of the company, inaugurated a 500L/m oxygen plant in Hapur, a CSR initiative by Merino to support the safety and well-being of our country during times in need.


Sri Hara Kasturi Memorial Trust (hereinafter referred to as “the Trust”) runs a primary day school named Swami Vivekananda Arunoday Vidyalaya (SVAV) situated at Hapur, Uttar Pradesh, a coeducational institution established in April 2013 predominantly for girl students. This has made access to better schooling facilities possible amongst the children of underprivileged households living in the vicinity of Merino establishments.

The Swami Vivekananda Arunoday Vidayalay has attained new heights with the enrolment of around 100 students and its first batch of students advancing to Class V. Furnished with modern pedagogy and infrastructure; it has successfully taken forward our vision of building “beautiful minds” amongst the youth from the most underprivileged section of our society.

We also provide scholarships to eligible students, and arrangements are also made for private tuition on the SVAV campus, especially for students coming from financially weaker families.

Mid-day Meal Program: A healthy, nutritious meal helps develop a bright mind. With this thought, we run a dedicated Mid-day meal program for our school children & few more in the Hapur area. A kitchen with modern cooking facilities operates in the SVAV campus at Hapur, where meals of nutritional value are cooked following the best standards of hygiene & served to students.

Our Mid-Day Meal program provides nutritional sustenance to almost 800 primary school children in rural areas & mid-day meals are also provided to physically challenged children at Jhajjar, Haryana. The Mid-day Meal Program not only ensures enrolments and attendance but also acts as a source of supply of nutrition and further aids in better psychosomatic development of children coming from economically weaker backgrounds.


‘Learn to Earn’ at Smt. Kasturi Bai Memorial Sewing Centre

Merino Group strongly believes that women are an integral part of our society. Hence, the Group is promoting a women empowerment initiative through a programme called “Learn to Earn” at Hapur. The activities have been implemented by “Smt. Kasturi Bai Memorial Sewing Centre” under the aegis of the Trust since April 2014. Women coming from families of economically weaker sections and willing to work after training are considered eligible candidates for training under the “Learn to Earn” program.

The project has three categories of trainees, viz., learners, apprentices and learners:

  • Learners – vocational training for sewing and stitching is provided to adult women. Three-month training is provided so that they can stitch/sew finished clothes such as T-shirts, Shirts, Trousers, Pullovers etc.
  • Apprentices – there is provision for one month’s apprenticeship after successful completion of a three- months training course. This helps learners to improve their skills and start earning with their work. After completion of their apprenticeship, women start earning.
  • Earners – The training centre monitors and facilitates in earning of regular income through some arrangements with job-work providers in garment making or cloth stitching.

Uplifting the lives of women through its innovative training has enabled many with essential skills which have helped them to avail work opportunities and earn for well-being. Once up skilled, we also provide them with a ‘work from home’ option, which helps them to maintain a work-life balance. An all-new Health Check-up centre for women in Kolkata has been an important addition to this story.

Merino Masks | Made by underprivileged families

Mask Ek Muskaan Anek (One Mask, Many Smiles) – A CSR initiative of Merino Group to combat the Corona pandemic and unemployment. .

Our endeavour is to empower women from the economically weaker sections of society by helping them to earn Rs. 300 to Rs. 500 a day through Merino Masks and promoting the use of masks among the general public. Merino Masks are offered at a subsidized rate of Rs.10/- for 2 masks, which is short in supply and the need of the hour.

With every Rs.10/- spent for a pair of masks, Rs.7/- directly goes to these women, helping them to become self-reliant.

The masks are packed & distributed by Shri Hara-Kasturi Memorial Trust (A CSR initiative of Merino Group). All the masks are homemade using 100% cotton fabric and are washable & reusable.

Please do join us in our fight against the Corona pandemic by supporting the cause.

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