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Foolproof surface resistance for a safe environment for furniture used in electrostatic protected areas. A range of Merino Laminates designed as one of the solutions in minimising electrostatic charge in work environment.

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ESD Key Feature 1


Electrostatic Dissipative


Electrostatic dissipative - with average 2 x10^8 Point to Point resistance and average decay time of 0.04 seconds, ESD laminates meets all the cutoff level to be considered acceptable for use in Static safe applications.

Prevent Damage

Prevents damage

Drains out static charges, thereby minimizing the chances of sparking and damaging sensitive electronic appliances.

Dust Repellant

Dust Repellant

ESD+ laminates don’t allow dust to accumulate on the surface and therefore help create a healthy, clean environment.

High Decorative

Highly Decorative

Allows for recreating and matching any decor material, without any size or thickness limitations.

Scratch Resistant

Scratch Resistant

The decor of the product lasts for years due to scratch resistance and without fading or loss of pattern, or colour.

Impact resistant icon

Impact Resistant

ESD+ decorative are impact resistant as per EN 438 standards.

  • Introduction

    Merino ESD+ Electro Static Dissipative Laminates are designed to minimize electrostatic charge in work environment. It offers one of the best ESD properties for laminate surfaces in India and provides a safe environment for furniture used in electrostatic protected areas (EPAs). Perfect for places like IT offices, call centres, laboratories, electronic industries, pharmaceutical labs and offices.

  • Composition

    • Grade HGS and VGS.
    • Electrostatic dissipative properties engineered into the material.
    • ESD control layer

    Decor paper with ESD control layer:

    Decor paper impregnated with specially formulated MF resin and an ESD control layer ensure that any accumulated charge is dissipated in a controlled manner without damaging equipment.

    Kraft paper:

    Kraft paper that has been impregnated with special Phenol Formaldehyde resin ensuring adequate backing strength for the laminate.

  • Advantages

    • ESD+ laminates ensure that any static electric charge is safely dissipated without causing damage to equipment on the surface.
    • Drains out static charges, thereby minimizing the chances of sparking and damaging to sensitive electronic appliances.
    • It doesn’t allow dust particles to accumulate on the surface, resulting in a clean and healthy place.
  • Application Areas


    • Vertical
    • Horizontal

    Ideal for areas:

    • IT offices
    • Call centres
    • Laboratories
    • Electronic industries
    • Pharmaceutical labs
  • Care, Maintenance & Fabrication

  • Test Data

  • Disclaimer

    Physical laminate colour may vary from its digital interpretation. The colour appearance of original products may vary due to external factors.


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