Merino Infusio Laminates Merino Infusio Laminates


Infusio Laminates

These stunning laminates are like no other. They feature a sub-layer embedded with glitter, granules, stones, etc., which make them stand apart. With a high aesthetic quotient, the exquisite range adds exclusivity to your surfaces with a touch of panache.



Imapct Resistant

Impact Resistant

These laminates are impact resistant as per EN 438 standards.

Stain Resistant

Stain Resistant

Excellent stain resistance, fade resistance and easy-care finish.

High Decorative

Highly Decorative

Infusio comes in a wide range of attractive solid colours, different patterns and other different designs.

  • Disclaimer
    • Only use gentle cleaning products such as a soft microfiber cloth and mild soap to clean the surface of infusio laminates. Wipe the surface with a dry cloth as too much water can damage the surface.
    • For deep cleaning follow a gentle cleaning process using a nylon bristle brush or vegetable brush, along with a mild liquid detergent and water-solution or household cleaner. Clean the surface gently in a rotating motion. Rubbing the surface forcefully can damage the glitters and should be avoided. Rinse and dry the surface after the cleaning process.
    • Do not use abrasive cleaning agents such as steel sponge, steel wool, or stainless-steel scrubbing pads, sponges with a sanding fleece-like scotch brite on the infusio surface during cleaning.

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