Merino E-catalogue

Merinolam E-catalogue 2020

Merinolam E-Catalogue which contains all Merinolam designs and laminate offerings.

AB+ E-catalogue

Merino anti-bacterial laminates are designed to adorn surfaces that require supreme hygiene and performance.

Chem+ E-catalogue

Designed for environments highly prone to chemicals and harsh solutions, Merino Chem+ laminates provide exceptional resistance to chemicals without compromising on style.

ESD+ E-catalogue

Foolproof surface resistance for a safe environment for furniture used in electrostatic protected areas. A range of Merino Laminates designed as one of the solutions in minimising electrostatic charge in work environment.

FR+ E-catalogue

Give your interiors a makeover without compromising on fire retardant & safe laminates.

Finguard E-catalogue

Fingerprint resistant, beautifully strong laminates that enable exceptional finish and durability.

Imagino E-catalogue

In a world where everyone is striving to find his or her own identity, we let you create something which is truly yours.

MR+ E-catalogue

A stunning range of super gloss laminates that offer a high level of resistance to scuff, mar (micro scratches) and abrasions, maintaining 4 times longer shine than any other laminate.

Metalam E-catalogue

A special range, the Metalam Laminates combine the durability of metal with the versatility of laminates.

Synchro E-catalogue

Synchronized laminate’s seamlessly synchronized texture looks indistinguishable from solid woods and veneers.

UNI+ E-catalogue

Unicolor special laminates with an edgeless colour finish.

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