Different Methods for Installing Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Different Methods for Installing Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Merino Laminates, December 22, 2023

The first thing that most people do right after owning a property is revamping the floors. There are various flooring options out there for you to give your house an aesthetic feel. But above all, vinyl flooring is considered the most luxurious preference for every homebuyer. The best thing that makes people choose vinyl flooring over others is it allows people to choose diverse installation methods to suit the appeal of their respective houses. 

So, considering you have come to a decision on getting vinyl flooring for your house as it replicates the best of styles and implements a luxury statement, the next crucial method is to learn about how to install those panels. There are some specific methods that popularly go well with vinyl flooring. 

So, in this article, you shall get a clear insight into the various methods that you can consider for installing luxury vinyl flooring

What is Luxury Vinyl Flooring?

Luxury vinyl flooring is designed with the intention of imitating natural flooring options such as ceramic tile or hardwood. With technological advances or improved design capabilities, the vinyl floors will replicate the identical look of the real products that they are mimicking. The vinyl flooring planks are water-resistant and can be used for rooms such as bathrooms, basements or kitchens. 

Different Methods to Install Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Here are some of the methods that you can take note of while installing luxury vinyl flooring:

1. Full Spread Installation

Full spread or full stick installation process is approached with the use of adhesive in a manner such that it is spread entirely all around the floor’s substrate. After that, you can lay down over the vinyl flooring. It is one of the easiest flooring installation methods and will cost you a fairly low amount on a per-square-foot basis. 

All the manufacturers prefer using acrylic adhesive for lay full-spread vinyl flooring. Once the adhesive is spread, the vinyl flooring panel can then be cut and fitted in a specific way to complete the flooring process. 

2. Perimeter Adhered Installation

Perimeter-adhered installation is the method where adhesive or glue will be applied only at the edges of the vinyl flooring panels and the seams of your room where these panels will be installed. The central portion of the flooring area won’t have the glue, which allows the experts to install the panels easily with the flexibility to remove or reposition them whenever needed. 

This method of installation is quite similar to that of the fully-adhered vinyl flooring installation, but the only difference is based on the application of adhesive. If you want to make a choice between these two, your deciding factor will be based on whether you need to remove or replace your flooring anytime soon in the future or not. 

3. Floating Installation

When you tend to choose the floating installation method, you won’t have to use any kind of adhesive for the process. You just have to install the vinyl flooring panels over the existing floors without the need to remove the current panels. This installation method is considered quite affordable, as you don’t have to waste the existing flooring, and the use of adhesive is eliminated. 

A floating vinyl floor won’t be glued to the subfloor but will hover over it right after the installation. The separate LVP planks will be clicked together to form the floor. The installers make use of various tools for snapping the planks into place while trimming the edges as needed. 

4. Peel & Stick Flooring

Peel & stick flooring is meant for vinyl plank flooring, which includes an adhesive that’s already present over the plank. The experts will first peel off the covering layer and will then secure the vinyl plank with that of the floor. 

5. Glue Down

When you are using the glue-down method, an adhesive will be applied to the back of the plank piece, which will then be adhered to that of the floor. Installation expenses upon this approach are less in comparison to other methods. 

6. Interlocking

Most of the vinyl planks come with an interlocking system for being installed around your space. In this process, you just have to place the vinyl planks side-by-side, and they will interlock by snapping with one another. This process demands you have a floor that is perfectly levelled and prepared. 

7. Loose Lay

The loose-lay installation doesn’t demand you to use any kind of adhesive or locking mechanism. Instead, this method makes use of friction caused by the back of the panels, which enables the flooring to be in its place. The installation approach is the same as that of the floating installation. 

Why to Choose Merino LVT Flooring?

With Merino Laminates, you can approach vinyl flooring in different possible ways. Even though every technique has its own proficiency, you must opt for the one that goes well with your property needs. Merino Laminates has all types of LVT flooring in order to meet your diverse needs.

You can always connect with your experts and get their help in deciding on what method would be suitable for installing the vinyl flooring. Once you decide, you can always explore our Merino Laminates store and find the best vinyl flooring options that would suit your needs the most. 


Q. How Long Does it Take to Install Luxury Vinyl?

Vinyl flooring installation takes somewhere around one to two days to be completed. Some specific types of flooring options, such as tile or plank, might need a few days for completion. 

Q. How long does luxury vinyl flooring need to acclimate?

Vinyl plank flooring should be left with opened boxes in the room, where it needs to be installed for at least 40 hours. 

Q. What is the best installation method for vinyl flooring?

The two most commonly used methods for installing vinyl flooring are glue down and modified loose lay. 

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