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Best Wardrobe Laminates Design Ideas to Consider

Merino Laminates, December 26, 2023

Wardrobes are integral parts of every bedroom, and the design of such furniture elements adds character to the entire space. There are two types of people: one who considers wardrobes as a storage for all their clothes, whereas some people count on it as a prime decor element of their rooms. This article is for the latter! 

If you want to make your wardrobes replicate your personality and glam up the interior space, picking the best laminate designs would spruce up the overall home decor. The laminate design of the wardrobes should not just be pleasing to your eye but must be durable as well. 

Therefore, in this article, you will get a clear insight into how you can install the laminates in an ideal manner for crafting the best appeal for your wardrobes. 

What is a Laminate?

Laminate is a kind of kraft paper stack of sheets that’s bathed within the thermosetting resin. This technique is used for making decorative materials, where the final layer of kraft paper while making a laminate, is replaced with patterned or coloured paper. And that layer will then be coated with the perfectly translucent resin. This way, you now have one of the best decor elements, which replaces the expensive counterparts. 

Different Types of Laminate Designs for Wardrobe

The wardrobe laminate design considerations are available in abundance! You have various textures, looks, and themes available for you to count on! If you have plans on installing the best laminates for your wardrobe, here are some of the options you can count on to give you a kick-start:

  • Matte Laminates

Matte laminates such as electric moon, mellow oak, grey stone, dark citrus and other such shades are considered elegant and classy. These medium reflective surfaces are not just appealing but are also quite easy to clean or maintain. 

  • Glossy Laminates

Glossy laminates are meant to enhance the aesthetic appeal, as the reflective surfaces carried out with the sapelle, Persian mono teak, Thai Samoa teak, and other laminates make the space look bigger. 

  • Metallic Laminates

Metallic laminates are offered in shades such as steel mirrors, white metal, goldy mirror and other such shades, which would look elegant on your wardrobes. Most high-end homes consider having such an astounding decor! 

  • Marble Laminates

Marble laminates, replicating the shade of Breccia, Marquina, Borazo, Matterhorn, Eon Shire and other such shades, are considered a great option for anyone who wants to do something with an amazing look and feel. 

  • Digital Laminates

Digital laminates over the wardrobe surfaces allow you to customise the sheets for adding various types of images. And Merino Imagino range is just the right hub for you to choose your desirable pick! 

Once you have picked the type of laminate you want to head out with, now is the time to pick some design ideas to live your design on, which include:

  • Personalised Patterns

Personalisation is considered one of the top decor themes, ideal for residential spaces. Whether it is about getting the abstract pattern for crafting the bedroom decor or standing apart from the regular themes, you have digital laminates to help you with the needful. 

If not that, there are various other textured laminates in the matte and glossy collection range, which you can count on. This is the type of design that will make your wardrobe space look more aesthetic than just the standard designs. 

  • Vibrant Colours

Everyone would like to add some vibrant colours to their wardrobes, and there’s no more affordable way than using laminates over them. You have glossy and matte laminate design options with diverse colour preferences available for you to craft a completely unique wardrobe. 

When you opt for vibrant colours, it is quite possible for you to create a dual-tone contrast as well. For instance, you can blend in red & yellow, teal & lavender, peach & royal blue. This will create a welcoming and pleasant ambience for the visitors. 

  • Monochrome Contrast

Black & white or monochrome contrast is a timeless design and goes perfectly well with most of the sophisticated house decor themes. Wardrobe laminates options are now adhering to this design trend and can add an aesthetic presence to your wardrobes. You don’t have to stick to just the colours, black and white, but find your options with diverse patterns as well. 

Take the help of your designers and let them decide on what would look glamorous for your wardrobes. Let them suggest the right design option when monochrome contrast is considered. Not only that, but you also have the option to go for either glossy or matte monochrome laminates for the wardrobe. 

  • Glass Laminates

Glass laminates, such as freezing or penumbra glass, can contribute to giving you a stylish or modern choice for your wardrobe. It is quite stylish and sleek, which can make your wardrobe look astoundingly chic. They allow the designers to implement some of the most creative ideas to glam up the wardrobe and enhance the appeal of the entire room.

Such laminates are mostly used to highlight some particular areas in a space. And when in a bedroom or guest room, the wardrobe is the perfect furniture or highlight area that can liven up the aesthetic of the entire house. 

How Merino Can Help You?

These are some of the design options that you have with you for using laminates to glam up your wardrobe appeal. You must first decide on an interior theme and pick laminates that would contrast well with the same. And then you can consider adding those laminates to your wardrobes. 

Take the help of interior designers and decide on what type of laminate or what decorative idea they have in mind to enhance the look of your wardrobes. Once decided, explore the collection at Merino Laminates. We bet that you will add more than one option to the cart, as our options are hard to resist! 

We provide you with quality options with guaranteed durability and affordability for your home decor needs. Irrespective of the type of laminate design you need for your wardrobe, we assure you will find something of your taste at our store, without fail! 


Q. Which finish laminate is best for your wardrobe?

Laminate sheets with the acrylic and glossy finish are considered the most durable for the bedroom wardrobes. Such sheets are highly durable, reflective and stain-resistant to give you long-lasting strength and beauty. 

Q. How do I choose laminate colour for my wardrobe?

The laminate colour you choose for your wardrobe tends to reflect your personal taste and style, so you ought to give it priority. If you tend to prefer a minimalistic appeal, go for neutral colours such as grey, beige or white. But, if you tend to attain a vibrant look, go for some bold shades such as green, blue or red. 

Q. Can I change the laminate of wardrobe?

Yes, you can always consider re-laminating the cabinets over the existing ones. This is because the laminate resurfacing technique is approached through sanding off the existing laminate, following which new laminate sheets are applied. 

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