How to Create the Perfect Abode with the Latest Laminate Designs?

How to Create the Perfect Abode with the Latest Laminate Designs?

Merino Laminates, December 20, 2023

There are a lot of materials and ideas out there for you to craft your home decor, but finding the right choices might be quite confusing. But one of the materials that’s gaining immense buzz around the market is laminate. 

The evident reasons for their popularity include sensible pricing, exceptional appeal, superior performance, and a widened variety. To help you get a better insight into how laminates can be crafted or used for creating your perfect abode, this article will enlighten you with some of the best ideas in check! 

So, read it along till the end!

What are Laminates?

Laminates are modern decor materials that are alternatives to hardwood, natural stone, or other such materials. The laminate sheets replicate the realistic touch and feel of the original materials. Laminates are more affordable than real materials, which are made using layering techniques with the use of kraft papers. These kraft papers can either be patterned or colored and will be coated with translucent resins. 

Latest Laminate Designs for Home

There are countless ways for you to improve the home with the use of laminate design options. Starting from walls to the countertops, you can use laminate sheets for decorating almost all spaces. This is the ideal way for you to transform your entire living space in no time! So, some of the ideas for you to count on in this perspective are:

1. Kitchen Countertops

Laminates are considered great for being used in all kitchen spaces. With the widened variety of laminates, you have the liberty to recreate almost every design you ever think of. May it be the glamorous vibe of the marble countertops or the robust look of the granite, you can get them all at less than half the price. 

Laminate sheets can replicate the look of almost all natural materials, giving you a very realistic touch & feel. Beyond the aesthetic perks, you can expect the laminates to offer several functional perks, with easy maintenance, hassle-free cleaning, and heat/stain resistance. 

2. Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets are considered among the biggest functional elements in the kitchen. Therefore, every time people walk into your house and want to explore the kitchen, cabinets are among the first few things they will notice. So, if you have an outdated cabinet design, be assured it will suppress the appeal of the entire space. 

Therefore, if you are seeking home renovations or are constructing a new home, make sure you get some great cabinet laminates on priority. Contrast the same with your countertop, and you will see the elegance that you just created. Not just kitchen cabinets, but you can also care to use them in your bathroom cabinets, as the water-resistant laminate sheets are also being sold in the market. 

3. Furniture Surfacing

Your house decor seems literally incomplete without any furniture in place. Therefore, you must take importance in surfacing the furniture pieces on priority. Laminate surfacing sheets can work best in order to bring out the best appeal from your old or new furniture pieces. Let your furniture contrast with that of the interior design or theme. 

And for that, you don’t have to wander around the market looking for some ready-made options. This is because you can use laminates as a solution to both of your requirements. You can craft your home interiors with the laminate sheets and then try to balance the theme or contrast the appeal by using similar or different types of laminates for surfacing your furniture. 

4. Walls

As we were just talking about using laminates in the home interior, walls are the best places to give a great look to the entire room or property. Walls are like blank canvases, and you have to use the right piece of laminate sheets to add majestic accents to the theme of your interior design. 

You can consider adding a floor-to-ceiling wooden wall accent as the backdrop of the living space to add a vibrant presence to your property. If not, you can consider adding stone laminate sheets as your wall elements in the bathroom space. Not only that but there are limitless ways you can use laminate sheets for your wall decor requirements. And the best part is that every laminate sheet design you opt for is affordable. 

Why Choose Merino Laminates?

These are some of the ideas on how you can use laminate sheets and provide your house with a perfect appeal. Your dream house shouldn’t just be in your thoughts, but the ideas should be brought to life at all costs. Earlier, it was quite difficult as owning natural materials such as stones, hardwood, or marbles wasn’t easy because of the high cost. 

But that’s not the issue anymore, as laminate sheets are available at 1/3rd of the price and are available in almost all designs you can think of. If you want the natural vibe around your space or make it look like a rocky desert, there’s no look that you can’t achieve with the laminate sheets. Merino Laminates brings you the best options to give your home the perfect appeal! 

We have the best collections that are affordable and replicate the top-notch quality. All you have to do is choose the best ones that go along with your interior theme. Whether you are in need of decorative wall panels or a durable kitchen countertop, we haven’t missed out on any design aspect. Explore our store, and find your decor element to create the perfect abode right away! 


Q. How do I choose laminate?

Look out for the quality of materials, colors, textures, or finishes that you think would go well with your house decor. These are some parameters that will help you choose the best laminate sheets on demand. 

Q. What color laminate is best?

The natural colors such as taupe, soft gray, and beige are quite perfect for enhancing the astounding vibe of your property. 

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