Trending Wardrobe Laminate Designs for Modern Homes

Trending Wardrobe Laminate Designs for Modern Homes

Merino Laminates, September 27, 2023

Laminates have gained immense popularity in the past few years and are now being used as surfacing materials in most of the home or office decor elements. Among the common areas or furniture that adds glam to a property space upon being revamped with laminates, the wardrobe cannot go overlooked!

If you seek an upgrade for your house interior and want something attractive and appealing for your wardrobe, laminates can bring in that missing elegance. If you are in search of perfect laminates for wardrobe to elevate the modern look of your house, then you have landed on the right page.

Wardrobe laminates can bring both style as well as functionality to the furniture. But, with the abundance of style options out there, it becomes quite complex for you to decide on the best designs that would go well with your wardrobe. So, let’s explore some of the best laminate designs for the purpose of giving your home a modernised look.

6 Trending Wardrobe Laminate Designs for You to Count On

Here are some of the popular wardrobe laminate design options that can inspire you to attain a great look for your own space:

1. Go With Decorative Laminates

Decorative laminates are the result of cutting-edge technology, made with high-pressure applications by using quality paper and resins. They have been treated with the right amount of pressure and heat, which makes them perfectly appealing and durable for being used as wardrobe laminates.

If you don’t want bright colours for your wardrobe, you can go with minimalistic shades of light colours or go completely monochromatic with black or white to bring in that contemporary look for the space. You can go for options with certain textures that add more elegance when seen with the naked eye or felt through touch. 

2. Solid Coloured Laminate Designs

If you want a simple appeal for your wardrobes and don’t want too many colours or patterns to be part of them, go for solid-coloured laminates. It means you will have a consistent flow of colours in your wardrobe without any patterns, shades, or abstract designs on them.

You can mix two solid-coloured laminates as per your design preference to create a contrasting effect around the space. Merino has a huge collection of solid-coloured options for you to pick the one that goes well with your property’s decor theme.

3. Minimalistic Laminate Designs

If you want to present your room with spaciousness and simplicity, get some clutter-free wardrobe laminate designs with clean lines and smooth finishes. Such designs will not just add a retro look to the wardrobe but will complement the other furniture pieces around the space.

Look out for options that are colour-neutral, which means they should blend well with the surroundings. The lighter shades and minimal contrasting elements are what would help you create a perfect, spacious look around the room. Get your hands on some of those minimalistic options at Merino.

4. Dual Coloured Laminate Designs

Not everyone around likes to have a room with a minimalist wardrobe; some might want that royal appeal. So, if you want to make your wardrobe look more elegant and classy, go for some abstract dual-coloured designs on priority. You will have a plethora of options in this category to give you a sleek wardrobe style for the bedroom or guestroom.

Even a simple abstract design with multiple colours embedded in it will create a great impact on the overall interior of the space. Merino brings you a plethora of colour combinations to try out. Explore the store and find the one that goes well with your taste in wardrobe decor!

5. Eco-Friendly Laminate Designs

We are living in a world that should be a bit more conscious about the environment than what people are today. Therefore, if you want to embrace eco-friendliness, starting from your house decor elements, explore the range of eco-friendly laminates for your wardrobe. They are termed as the best laminate designs among all options.

By opting for these fabulous eco-friendly laminate designs, you are contributing towards building a greener future. But at the same time, you don’t have to compromise at all on your stylish wardrobe necessities. The eco-friendly designs are no less appealing than the other options out there.

 6. Bold Laminate Designs

As you want to mark a design statement with your wardrobe around your bedroom or guest rooms, going with bold designs can be a smart move. Vivid colours, bold patterns, and textured finishes can create a great focal point for your room(s).

Check out the collection of Merino, and take inspiration from some of the eye-catching designs that attract you. Following that, you can plan your own combination of bold designs to create a unique appeal that can ensure you a long-lasting impression.


Laminates for wardrobe can bring unmatched elegance and aesthetics to the room. Beyond their great looks, they are also easy to maintain, repair, and replace over time. There is no need to get them painted or polished frequently, as they will retain their shine with just a simple wipe.

If you are looking for some great laminate options for your wardrobe makeover, Merino is the one-stop hub for you to satisfy your design cravings. Find the right option from our widened collection, and delay no more in getting your wardrobes revamped.

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