Top 5 Laminate Designs for A Modern Bedroom

Top 5 Laminate Designs for A Modern Bedroom

Merino Laminates, September 26, 2023

Bedroom, the most relaxing space of your house, should definitely have a great ambiance. And there’s nothing you won’t do to get a peaceful and serene vibe every time you enter the bedroom space after a hectic day at work!

So, what will be your ideal pick for giving a major revamp to the bedroom, but at a minimal expense? Well, using the laminates can be a great pick for bringing that aesthetic charm to your bedroom. Do you want to know how?

If yes, then read along this article till the end, as it covers the top 5 laminate designs for your bedroom to create a modern appeal. Keep these ideas in your mind as an inspiration, and use your creativity to bring in something unique for your bedroom.

1. Glossy Laminates

Choose an abstract or solid colour with a glossy finish, which will give your bedroom a bright and shiny look. The gloss and shine will give your bedroom a complete makeover, as the colour pop will be very evident. There is an abundance of design options available at Merino for the glossy category. You can make your pick and place the orders to change the vibe of your bedroom in no time.

2. Infusio Laminates

There are very few options that can be as stunning as the Infusio options. Such laminates come with a sub-layer embedded with stones, granules, and glitters, making them look astoundingly amazing.

Such laminates for bedrooms undergo specialized engineering and are made up of anti-fingerprint technology. You get a matte finish on these laminates, which is a trendy texture of today. When using in bedrooms, you can expect to use the Infusio laminates over tabletops, worktops, or wardrobes.

The aesthetic appeal of such a range of laminates is very high, which would enhance the all-round elegance of your bedroom and go well with the surrounding vibe.

3. Metallic Laminates

Metallic laminates are yet another popular design option for bedrooms, as it is a perfect combination of versatility and durability. The design of such laminates is mostly for the ceiling or vertical interior applications. Your bedroom accents will feel more lively and appealing when you get the space revamped with metallic laminates.

Merino’s metallic laminates come with a lustrous finish and give a mirror-like feel. Such materials are durable and long-lasting, making it ideal for you to use them for your ceilings or wardrobes in the bedroom space. You can combine metallic laminate design with the other options out there to create a unique accent for your bedroom. Let’s bring in an urban and sleek look for the space!

4. Unicolor Laminates

Unicolor laminates, as the name suggests, will replicate a single colour in every panel. There are no black edges, making it easier for you to create uniformity around your bedroom space in terms of colours.

Moreover, the uniformity will not just be in terms of colour but also in terms of lines, texture, and shape. These laminates are highly decorative and are resistant to abrasion. It has a better resistance to stains than any other standard laminate design for your bedroom.

Your desks, drawers, tabletops, display shelves, or other such furniture around the bedroom can be designed with unicolor laminates. Be assured that it will create a good contrasting appeal with your choice of colours. And the bedroom revamp is all done!

5. Laminature Design

Laminature is the term used for embellished laminates that come with unique textures for giving a refined feel upon touching the surface. The sheets come with decor patterns that are engraved in a manner such that the laminatures look just like the solid wood panels.

These laminatures are ideal to be installed in your bedroom wall panels or wardrobes to give your room a rustic and classic vibe. It is one of the most tasteful designs that people seek for their modern bedroom. The colour, texture, and fastness are what would charm you the most! 

Merino Laminatures are designed in a way such that they can resist scratches, impacts, and stains. If you want to get the natural texture of solid wood or veneers in your bedroom furniture or walls, check out the collection right away.

Parting Words

Laminate designs are widely popular for their ease of transforming the look of a space’s interior. Well, it is not just about the design, but you also get durability, cost-effectiveness, and variety of options, which is what entices people to get their bedrooms revamped with affordable yet appealing laminates.

Merino is your one-stop hub for different designs and patterns available for not just your bedroom but any space you think of. There are a lot of patterns and colours in each of these design categories for you to count on. All you have to do is explore the site and look out for the laminates online that you think would work well for your bedroom walls.

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