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Transform Your Living Space With The Best Mirror Wall Panel Designs

Merino Laminates, January 16, 2024

The walls of your house can tell a very vibrant story as far as your interior appeal is concerned. And there is no better way to make those walls a point of conversation or a reason for collecting complements than adding mirror-finish panels to them.

When you can get the outstanding finish, available in diverse styles and colours, you will be able to transform the whole ambience of the space and elevate the looks of the room. At Merino, we bring to you high-quality mirror-finish panels that are manufactured with superior technology. 

Our panels are processed with the use of UV-cured & acrylic layers alongside hot-lacquered PU on the surface. Specifically, Merino’s Gloss Meister panels offer you mirror finishes in colours such as gold, copper, silver and bronze. To help you be more precise on what you must choose for your property walls, read the article till the end. 

What is Wall Panelling?

Wall panelling is considered an elegant and versatile design element, having the capability to transform the ambience of almost any room. With the aesthetic appeal and practical benefits, there are a lot of options for you to count on. Depending on what represents your style and taste the most, there are wall panels to complement them all. 

Different Types of Wall Panelling

There are five types of wall panels that you can count on for decorating your walls and giving them a vibrance:

  • Glossy Wall Panels

The Gloss Meister panels by Merino come with PU+ coating that’s modified to make these sheets more flexible and elastic. Moreover, this property allows you to easily drill or cut through the panel board, without any chipping effect. 

  • Post-Laminated Panels

Post-laminated panels are better represented as laminate boards, where the panels are already placed over a board, which is meant to save your labour and time. You can use them for walls or furniture, depending on your choice. 

  • Medium Density Fibreboard Panels

Merinova, the medium-density fibreboard panel range of Merino, is a product made up of engineered wood. The process of making it involves the breaking of softwood into wooden fibres, which will be combined with resin and wax.

  • Matt Panels

You can consider getting matt panels for your walls as well by selecting the Matt Meister range of Merino, where you will get an anti-fingerprint surface and a smooth satin appeal. Multiple acrylic and PU+ coatings are done on compact or melamine boards to achieve the matt finish. 

Top 5 Mirror Wall Panel Designs

The five mirror wall panel designs that you can avail from Merino are:

  • Full-Length Mirror Panels

You can consider using our steel, gold, copper or bronze mirror finish panels and add them in a full-length appeal for one of the walls in a room. 

  • Living Room Decorative Wall Panels

You can use living room decorative wall panels, specifically the gloss and mirror finish ones, to either accent the surface or go for a full-length revamp, either for the wall that has the TV on it or the other sides. This way, you will pop the appeal of your living room. 

  • Mirrored Ceiling Wall Panels

To add to the creativity, you can add mirror wall panels to the ceiling of your house as well, giving an aesthetic vibe to the space. 

  • Bronze-Shade Mirror Wall Panels

You can prefer using bronze shade mirror wall panels to add a sense of sophistication to the plain white walls. 

  • Blend Mirror Wall Panels with Colours

You can consider adding colours of your choice to the wall, whereas adding mirror finish wall panels to the surface, in an aesthetic and decorative appeal. 

Why to Choose Merino Wall Panels?

Merino wall panels offer you immense quality benefits that no other brand in the market can guarantee you. With our products, you can expect to attain scratch and impact resistance over the panels, ensuring immense durability. This is made possible due to the use of PU+ coating and durable layering materials. 

Not only that, but you will also be getting a satin smooth finish with every Merino wall panel design you opt for. Be assured you won’t be experiencing the orange peel or yellowing effect anytime in recent years. 


Q. How durable are wall panels?

As the Merino wall panels are made up of PU+ coating, be assured they won’t have scratches or yellowing effects on them. 

Q. What material is used for wall panels?

Acrylic layers are used and combined to make the best quality wall panels for you to count on. 

Q. Are wall panels expensive?

Wall panels are priced depending on whether you are looking for a gloss, matt or other such options available in the collection. Merino charges a reasonable price per square foot and can be negotiated depending on your quantity of requirement. 

Q. Are wall panels easy to install?

The overall process of installing wall panels is easy, but it is advised you call professional help to get the best appeal out of them.

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