Top 5 Steps How to Determine the Quality of Plywood

Merino Laminates, January 15, 2024

If you want to revamp your property interiors or furniture pieces with plywood, you ought to choose the right quality to ensure durability and aesthetics altogether. As plywood is cheaper than real wood, it is a preferable material for your interior applications. But even then, you must ensure your investments are directed towards the right products. 

Merino Laminates brings you high-quality plywood on demand, irrespective of whether you want to use it for your doors, creating a blockboard or other applications. But apart from convincing you about trusting our brand value, we shall educate you on the tips to be able to validate the quality yourself as well. 

What is Plywood?

Plywood, in particular, is a type of panel product consisting of thin wooden veneers glued together in a cross direction. A certain amount of pressure is applied to the glued panels to ensure stiffness and strength. This cross-lamination technique is what makes our Merino plywood the best in the market. 

The wooden veneers used in the making of these plywood sheets are properly seasoned to prevent warpage by controlling the moisture absorption levels. It is ideal to be used for homes or other construction projects. The plywood panel surfaces often replicate high-quality and smooth finish, than that of the core veneers. 

Benefit of Using High-quality plywood

To help you better understand the perks of using quality plywood for your home furnishing and construction applications, here are some benefits for you to count on:

  • Boiling and Water Proof

Merino plywoods are designed in order to resist damage and high-level deterioration, even when they come in direct contact with boiling water. 

  • Resistant to Termites

The quality plywood offered to you by Merino is resistant to termite attacks and can also withstand fungal damage. Thus, it ensures longevity for the furniture or other laminate for plywood applications at your home or office space. 

  • Phenomenal Strength

When you rely on quality plywood, you can expect the panels to bear the accidental impacts and still hold onto the appeal and durability factors. 

  • Resistant to Moisture Damages

When made with high-quality methods, the plywoods are meant to be moisture resistant, ensuring you won’t have to deal with warping issues. 

  • Even Finish

The sign that a plywood panel is rich in quality can be judged by its even finish, which can be obtained by dual hot press treatment. 

Top 5 Tips to Identify the Best Quality Plywood

Some tips that you might care to consider for choosing the best quality Merino plywood for your specific applications are:

  • Determine the Area of Use

Choose the specific area or space where you will be using the plywood panels. Following this, you can determine the climatic conditions around that location to be sure of the properties you must look for in the plywood. 

Whether you are about to use plywood in the study room, living room, kitchen, bathroom or other such spaces, the choice of product will depend on it. In terms of climatic conditions, suppose you live in a location that encounters a lot of rain. In that case, the Merino plywood panel, which is boiling waterproof, will be an ideal pick for you. 

  • Buy Only for the Reputed Brands

Merino has been in business for quite a long time and offers the best quality plywood panels for diverse applications. We offer a specific category of products for doors and blockboards but have a separate section with various other designs meant for your desired applications. 

We follow all the industry standards issued to replicate durability, quality and longevity with our plywood.

  • Check for the ISI Mark

ISI certification is essential to determine that the plywood is the highest grade. All the MR and commercial grade plywood are marked as IS303, whereas the boiling waterproof plywoods are graded as IS710. 

Do keep an eye on these ISI marks to ensure you are buying the best quality plywood for your applications. Merino Laminates India does offer you this standardisation, ensuring you don’t have to compromise on quality at all. 

  • Determine the Number of Layers and Thickness

Thick plywood is expected to be durable and stronger, for which you must determine this measurement before making the purchase. Following that, you must also look for the layers used for adding strength to the plywood panels. 

All high-quality plywood Merino offers has multiple layers to stabilise the panels. 

  • Check the Density & Weight

The plywoods that are heavier will indicate a sturdier and denser construction. You must lift the plywood sheet and then assess the weight. Do check out density specifications while choosing your plywood from the store to get clarity on our quality plywood construction. 

How Merino Can Help You?

Merino brings you a variety of plywood panel options that are appealing in design and durable in construction. Starting from being boiling waterproof to providing exceptional strength, our panels are meant to last longer. 

Irrespective of where you want to apply your plywood panels, Merino has high-quality collections that will go well with all! 


Q. How do I choose the best plywood?

Check the thickness, plywood grade, pricing, and other factors to choose the best plywood. 

Q. How can you tell if plywood is good?

Check for the ISI certifications, as it is the ultimate consideration factor for you to count on!

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