Merino Laminates, December 8, 2020

When it comes to redecorating the home or doing up even one room, laminates are a popular choice. If you’re intrigued by the idea but aren’t sure what makes them such an in-demand option, we’ve got some answers.

Here are 10 good reasons why designers, decorators, and homeowners keep returning to laminates for their home decor needs.

Benefits of Using Decorative Laminates

1- Quick to Install:

Decor laminates offer a fast and easy way to makeover a space. The quick installation process has made them a popular choice for customers. Simply choose the laminates you like, watch as the installation is done in a matter of hours – you can have an all-new look for your room overnight.

2- Highly Customisable:

Your home is a reflection of your taste and an extension of you. You need products that stand out and look great. Laminates are highly customisable to each home and space. They allow you to make a statement with your design choices. The customised digital laminates Imagino from Merino Laminates, lets you play around with a variety of colours, designs, textures, and patterns. You can choose to repeat an image on multiple laminates, split one up across multiple laminates, or even customise a part of an image to suit your needs.

3- Exceptional Durability:

When it comes to home decor, you should seek out products that are high quality, durable, and long lasting. Laminates hold up well to wear and tear and last for years without any signs of damage making them a smart choice.

4- Scratch-resistant:

Homes are spaces that are meant to be lived in. Surface solutions that protect your surfaces must be resistant to the routine wear and tear that countertops or vertical surfaces are prone to. If someone scrapes a dish or gadget across the laminate surface or rubs a sharp edge of something against cabinet laminates or door laminates, a product that’s scratch-resistant won’t develop any marks.

5- Stain-resistant & Moisture-resistant:

Accidents happen. Laminates will keep your secret! If you happen to touch a fingerprint-resistant laminate like the finguard special laminates with soiled fingers, you can simply wipe away the offending smudge. If moisture-resistant laminates are of interest, Merinolam high pressure laminates have your back. Such laminates provide a spotless finish on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

6- Heat-resistant:

For laminates that are applied in places that are exposed to high temperatures, like your kitchen, being heat resistant is an important product feature and most laminates from Merino fit the bill. Fire retardant laminates can resist fire protecting your surface.

7- Impact-resistant:

Bumps and knocks are par for the course for any surface solutions. But your laminates will withstand (within reason) routine little knocks without being ruined. Even Merino antibacterial laminates AB+ that are primarily meant for surfaces that require supreme hygiene and performance are impact resistant as per EN 438 standards.

8- Affordable:

Gorgeous doesn’t have to break the bank. Laminates can transform a space while being very affordable. For example, the striking Infusio Laminates embedded with glitter, granules, stones, these laminates are real stunners! The result is a surface that’s aesthetically pleasing but doesn’t make a huge dent in your wallet.

9- Easy to Maintain:

Your home decor solutions need to be low-maintenance without compromising on aesthetics. Laminates don’t take much effort to maintain – simply wipe down or dust surfaces where the laminates are applied and they’re as good as new. You don’t need to invest in special products to keep them looking good or hire specialists to constantly tinker with them to help retain their appearance.

10- Vast Variety:

With an abundance of choices, you’ll never run out of options with laminates! Pick from world-class laminates that include high-performance laminates and a whole suite of special laminates with features designed to suit a variety of specialised purposes in the various rooms of your home.

Why Use Merino Laminates?

Merino allows you to choose from thousands of designs by handy Design Explorer or you can use the visualizer tool to make your dream project come to life with the help of a realistic professional visualisation tool. Merino laminates provide plenty of reasons to put laminates on top of your home decor shopping list! Explore laminate options for your home.



Should laminate be the same throughout the house?

Answer: Laminate doesn’t have to be the same throughout the entire house, but it’s essential to choose the appropriate type of laminate for each specific area based on its characteristics and the demands of that space. In areas prone to moisture, such as bathrooms, kitchens, or laundry rooms, it’s typically better to choose laminate specifically designed for wet or humid environments.

Can laminate withstand water?

Answer: Yes, Merino high pressure laminates are boiling water resistant. They can withstand daily wear & tear.

How is decorative laminate made?

Answer: Merino High-Pressure Laminates are constructed from absorbent kraft paper and carefully chosen ornamental papers that have been impregnated with phenolic and melamine resins. These are then heated and put under a lot of pressure to harden them.

Which laminate is best for interior design?

Merino Gloss Meister laminated panels are best for interior design. They are light reflecting panels that add a dash of colour to your space making it look more appealing.

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