Kitchens are at the heart of most homes, whether they’re contemporary and rooted in the here and now or timelessly elegant. If you’re trying to renovate your kitchen or design this all-important space in your new home, the choice of kitchen laminates and surface solutions can matter more than you’d think. They can alter not just the look and feel of the space but even impact functionality.

So what is the best laminate for your kitchen?

We’ll let you in on the secret to choosing the perfect ones for your home.

Why Laminates And Melamine-Based Solutions Work Best For Kitchens

While you could consider things like tiles and granite for countertops in the kitchen, the grout buildup and maintenance issues make those infinitely less attractive as an option. Stainless steel is another choice, but is limited in the design possibilities it offers. Compact Laminates for the countertops on the other hand, while scoring on performance, also let you replicate the look of marble, wood, slate…the possibilities are endless.

What Features Should You Look For In Kitchen Laminates & Surface Solutions?

Let’s not forget, a kitchen laminate or surface solution needs to do more than look good. It also needs to be durable, easy to maintain, and suitable for the multiple activities that happen in a kitchen. Be sure your choice meets the requirements below.

Hassle-free and Low-maintenance

Your kitchen surfaces must be easy to maintain so you don’t have to spend precious hours polishing and scrubbing when you’re done cooking a meal or eating at your breakfast island. For instance, the Finguard Laminate doesn’t even show up fingerprint marks, making it a great option if you want your countertops to look pristine.

Must Pass The Clumsy Test

A kitchen needs to be usable and pass the ‘clumsy test’. If you’re a family or share your home with anyone else, you’ll know that not everyone is careful, and spills do happen. Imagine if the clumsiest person ran amok in the kitchen – those drips, spills, and sloshes need to be catered for. Check if your kitchen countertops will hold up to that wear. Merino high pressure laminates and special laminates like the Tuff Gloss MR+ are designed expressly for this. You could also explore other options as per your needs and usage.

In general, try and look for something that meets some or all of these requirements, depending on what features are most critical for you:

  • Scratch-resistant
  • Stain-resistant
  • Impact-resistant
  • Moisture-resistant

Stays Germ-free

The last thing anyone wants is bacteria or mold growing on their kitchen surfaces. Consider installing an antibacterial and antifungal laminate for that extra hygiene. It’s fully sanitizable – bonus points for that. Finguard Surfaces which are finger print resistant and are available in super matt finishes are another great choice from Merino.

Allows Versatile Design Options

Kitchen laminates – whether they’re for worktops, countertops, the backsplash, or your breakfast bar – must also seem like they belong in the overall design of your kitchen. The Compact Laminate range UniColour Core Top “Impreza” from Merino, for instance, comes in a variety of designs and can be custom-designed to your needs. Whether you’re aiming at that warm wood look, a clean black slate, the classic Carrara in white, there are options at the ready.

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