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What are the benefits of external wall cladding/exterior surfaces?

Merino Laminates, June 3, 2021

External wall cladding has now become a popular alternative to painting exteriors of buildings. This is because wall cladding, as opposed to painting not only, elevates the visual appeal of your exteriors, but it also guarantees extreme protection against many factors. Additionally, industry experts agree that external wall cladding is the economical option to go for. A global market leader in the laminates industry, Merino presents Armour- exterior grade compact laminates. Armour is the ultimate choice for external wall cladding and is exclusively designed to give the exteriors of your building the makeover they need.

Read on to know why you should opt for external wall cladding solutions if you are looking to transform the looks of your exteriors.

  1. Supreme Protection
  2. Cladding your external walls directly translates to enhancing the level of protection given to your buildings. You are essentially adding a coating to your building- making it resistant to many external elements that could possibly cause harm to your buildings such as prolonged exposure to sunlight, sudden changes in humidity and temperature and so on. External wall cladding also increases the overall strength of buildings. Merino Armour is exclusively designed to withstand all weather externalities. In addition to this, Armour is resistant to corrosion, provides protection against termite attacks and has undergone a special treatment making it resistant to UV and prevents discoloration. What’s more- it is even armoured against graffiti making it defiant to vandalism.

  3. Insulation
  4. Say good-bye to high power consumption bills by using external wall cladding. It provides a high degree of insulation by reducing heat absorption and helps maintain a cool temperature indoors. Armour has been recorded as ‘Energy Saving System’ and has shown results of 20% reduced energy consumption in maintaining indoor temperature wherever installed.

  5. Easy to Care for
  6. Compared to other solutions, external wall cladding is the easiest to maintain. It is pretty much the lowest maintenance option out there and only requires consistent washing to keep up its look and strength. Save up on unnecessary touch-ups and repairs. So, factor this in before you spend a fortune on other high maintenance options.

  7. Elevate the beauty of your building
  8. Apart from giving your building exteriors the toughness it needs; external wall cladding enhances its splendour. If you are in the middle of remodelling your home or commercial properties, cladding is the best option you can go for to modernize your space. Give your exteriors a complete transformation by opting for external wall cladding. Merino Armour brings to you the unique combination of toughness and beauty.

  9. You will be spoilt for choices
  10. From materials to choose from to being available in a wide variety of designs and colors, you will have a hard time picking a favourite when it comes to External wall cladding. Armour has a range of external grade cladding sheets available in multiple designs and hues.

External wall cladding is easily the best option to choose if you have decided to augment the aesthetics of your building exteriors. It offers a range of benefits that other alternatives do not, all while saving you a lot of money. Built using state of the art technology called ‘Merino Superclad Technology’, Armour external grade compact laminate is the embodiment of durability and elegance.

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