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Things to Consider While Choosing the Right External Wall Cladding

Merino Laminates, March 25, 2022

Wall cladding is a creative way to decorate the exteriors of a building. It enhances overall appearance of the property by making it more appealing while providing extraordinary protection against a variety of conditions. However, choosing the appropriate external wall cladding can be a tough task. There are a lot of factors to consider before you choose the right option.

Exceptional Defense
By cladding your outside walls, you are directly increasing the amount of protection provided to your structures. External wall cladding must be excellent at protecting the building from external weather especially in harsh weather conditions. Warmth, rain, harsh sun, hailstorms, cold, and other factors must be considered while selecting a wall cladding for your space. Choose a very solid, and incredibly strong cladding surface. Merino Armour is specifically developed to withstand all types of weather. Armour is also resistant to corrosion, it protects the building against termites and has undergone a specific treatment that makes it UV resistant and avoids yellowing. Furthermore, it is graffiti-resistant, making it impregnable to vandals.

External cladding panels can help your space maintain a comfortable temperature despite the hot weather outside, saving you money on energy bills. Layers of protective foam must be placed before the cladding is installed to provide great insulation. Armour has been designated as ‘Energy Saving System,’ with results of a 20% reduction in energy consumption when it comes to managing indoor temperature. Also the insulation remains corrosion-free due to minimal intervention from water or moisture through rain.

Cost & Quality
Choosing the most cost-effective wall cladding isn’t always the best option. A low price tag does not always signify cost efficiency when it comes to claddings. Expensive wall claddings may provide better value than less expensive alternatives. Settle for a reasonable price without compromising on quality, or elegance. Merino’s Armour is made of Superclad or Filmbased technology high-quality materials. It is a cost-effective alternative that comes with unique colours and designs.

Choosing the Right External Wall Cladding

Designer Cladding
Stone and wood are popular options for exteriors depending on how you want to style your building. Different designs and patterns of the cladding add to its look. Armour offers a number of design options, such as wood, stone and solid that makes the space more appealing and stylish.

Simple Installation
The use of profiles in a variety of sizes, sheets and external cladding boards is much preferred. Lightweight claddings are popular because they are easy to carry and install.

Warranty & Assurance
While choosing a wall cladding, the warranty period is an important consideration. Merino’s Armour is resistant to sunlight and artificial weathering while also preventing discoloration over time. There are two subcategories of Merino’s Armour which includes Superclad Technology Armour that assures a 10-year warranty and Filmbased technology Armour that comes with 5 years warranty against manufacturing defects.

Easy Maintenance
The cost of maintenance is also a major consideration. A sophisticated external cladding that needs frequent maintenance is not an ideal option. It’s clearly more expensive and inconvenient. Similarly, delicate claddings are more susceptible to easy injury. A more durable surface is unquestionably the better choice. Merino’s external wall cladding is the easiest option to maintain when compared to other alternatives. It is one of the most low-maintenance choices available, requiring only regular cleaning to maintain its appearance and quality. Save money on touch-ups and repairs that aren’t essential.

Merino’s Armour is the ideal choice for external wall cladding, as it gives your building’s exteriors the facelift and protection they require.

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