The Art of Designing a Clutter-Free Kitchen

Merino Laminates, March 1, 2024

Lives today are busy and chaotic, and coming home to a clean, clutter-free space is a relaxing and tranquil experience. In the different spaces of your home, it is the kitchen that often gets cluttered, making the space look messy and small. Here are some kitchen design ideas that you can use to create a clutter free kitchen that is efficient, user friendly and a treat to the eyes.

1. Keep it monochrome!

This is one of the best ways to create an impression of spaciousness and tidiness. When you choose the colours for your kitchen design, make sure that they are all of the same colour family or ideally the same shade. This kitchen interior design tip is a sure shot way to create flowing spaces that are great for a small kitchen that often falls in the open kitchen design category. Try to choose laminate sheets that are lighter in colour to further create an airy, open space. You can choose from a wide range of laminate sheets and panels for cabinets from Merino in both matte and glossy finish which are exclusively crafted to give a premium finish and to create stunning spaces that are on par with the global trends.
Laminate-Design-Merino 2539-Solar White-clutter-free-kitchen

2. Tall storage units

These have become the heroes in today’s homes, especially because space is a constraint and not everyone has the luxury of a cellar, store room or even a pantry. When you look into the kitchen units design, make sure to add one or multiple floor to ceiling length storage units in strategic locations to store all that extra grocery, spices, kitchen utensils and everything else that may lay scattered across the kitchen. These units also help clean up the counter and rack space to not only create a clutter free look but to also create space for dinnerware, mugs, glasses etc.
Laminate-Design 21082-Celestial Blue-clutter-free-kitchen

3. Hidden appliances

This has become a huge trend off late that is here to save the day, especially for those who prefer to have clutter free counters! In today’s times, we use a lot of gadgets in our kitchens and lining them all on the counters can occupy a lot of space while also creating a very cluttered look. If you are looking for one modern kitchen design idea that you must adapt, make it this one. Create tall cabinets with pull out drawers with ample plug points inside so that you can store bulky appliances inside. All you need to do is pull out the drawer when needed, use it, clean it and slide it back in!

4. Optimise Kitchen corners

Many times, kitchen corners remain under utilised and thus we lose out on precious storage space that can be a great asset, especially when you are looking at optimised kitchen planning ideas. Using the right baskets, accessories and planning the entire kitchen cabinet design layout can be a game changer for you! You can store large colanders, pots and pans in these corners and clear any visible clutter from your kitchen.
Laminate-Design-27131 - Coconut-White-optimize-kitchen-corner

5. Create a separate cleaning zone

A sink full of dirty vessels is not just a nightmare to clean but also to simply look at! What’s worse is when they start overflowing and are stacked on counters making the space look all the more messier and cluttered. Be it a small simple kitchen design or a large one, be it an open kitchen style or a closed one- having a segregated cleaning zone can do wonders for you! Not only does your kitchen look clean and clutter free, it also helps move the wet area away from the dry area to make it more efficient. This is one of those kitchen ideas that can help you create an optimised, efficient and user-friendly kitchen space.

6. Backsplash and tile design

Another kitchen design feature that you can use to achieve a tranquil, clutter free look is the incorporation of the right kind of tiles. When you are looking at kitchen wall tiles ideas, try to choose a kitchen tiles design that is minimalistic or even plain. Opting for lightly patterned stone finishes to plain tiles with a smooth, monochromatic look will help you create a sense of spaciousness and help create clean and defined lines that make your kitchen look more refined, elegant and clutter free. Adding too many colours, patterns and textures can look chaotic and cluttered, thus creating an eyesore of a space.
Backsplash and tile design-credit-hakim-santoso-5556173-Merino
You can achieve the perfect look with the aforementioned kitchen design tips and Merino’s decorative laminates and panels. Keeping it free of unnecessary things, cleaning up and discarding things regularly is equally important if you wish to achieve clean lines and beautiful looking spaces. Get started on your dream kitchen and we would love to see how it shapes up!

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