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Why is Wall Cladding Becoming Popular in Modern Building Structures?

Merino Laminates, January 3, 2024

The construction world is now embracing the culture of developing modern building structures, and that has been achieved by continuous experimentation and invention of various designs, patterns and textures.

Due to the consistent innovations, the industry came up with the idea of using wall claddings! They are used for protecting almost any building surface from deterioration due to natural elements, such as rain, dust, dirt, UV rays, etc.

To help better understand the scope of popularity for the wall claddings in modern architecture, read along with this article till the end!

What is Wall Cladding?

Wall cladding is better known as the protection system that’s available for both internal as well as external building walls. Any climatic or weather elements or specific irritants won’t be able to cause any negative effect on your building walls when it is protected with high-quality wall claddings, such as Merino’s Armour External and Shaurya Internal Wall Cladding

Coming to the process, wall cladding is executed by layering one material over the other by creating a skin layer all over the walls. Upon using Merino’s quality cladding panels, you will be able to prevent the internal wall works and exterior surface finish from being damaged due to weather hazards. 

Different Types of Wall Cladding

At Merino Laminates, we offer two types of wall cladding, Armour and Shaurya, which are for external and internal applications, respectively. Both serve their purposes, the highlights of which include:

Armour External Wall Cladding

Merino offers you the premium exterior wall cladding collection Armour, which has been designed ideally for dealing with critical climatic conditions. Apart from ensuring high-end protection, you are also provided with luxurious designs and subtle variations for adding style to your modern building structure and keeping the appeal protected. 

You get two categories of external wall cladding to choose from, which include Merino’s Armour Film or Armour Superclad. The Film range offers you a UV resistant layer, and the panels are made under high temperatures and pressures, deriving a highly dense EWC panel ideal for your exteriors. 

On the other hand, the Armour Superclad is the epitome of toughness and luxury appeal. Preferring this would let you avail the endurable exteriors from the core, making the walls capable of bearing even the most erratic weather adversities. 

Shaurya Internal Wall Cladding

Shaurya is the internal wall cladding range by Merino, which is addressed as a wall-protection system made up of high-pressure compact laminates. These products are meant to enhance the appeal and durability of the internal walls of your modern building from several different types of damage. 

These laminate wall claddings are fire, impact and chemical resistant, ensuring your aesthetics of the house will last longer. Moreover, at Merino, we also offer you a plethora of extensive designs and colours to choose from for your internal wall cladding. 

May it be water, soiling, colour fading, burn marks, graffiti or any other such damage, Shaurya internal wall cladding is meant to protect the surface from all of them. Apart from wall protection and improving house aesthetics, these claddings can also be used for arranging the cables, matching walls with furniture, and enabling scope for future changes. 

Importance of Wall Cladding in Modern Building Structures

Some of the reasons why both external as well as internal wall claddings are essential for modern building structures are:

  • Protection Against All Weathers

When relying on external wall cladding, be assured your building is protected from all weather elements such as heat, cold or rain conditions. Thus, it ensures your building continues to look appealing from the outside. 

  • Easily Replaceable

The Shaurya internal wall claddings by Merino are easily removable, which allows you to easily seek future changes in terms of design or maintenance. 

  • Fire & Impact Resistance

Both internal as well as external wall cladding by Merino are fire and impact resistant, which enhances their durability quotient. 

How Merino Can Help You?

At Merino Laminates, we bring you the best quality cladding options for both external as well as internal requirements. May it be aesthetic appeal or protection to the walls, our Shaurya and Armour wall cladding options are meant to address all your specific design and quality needs. 

All you have to do is, explore our design and colour collections associated with both interior as well as exterior claddings. And when you are done choosing your pick, do place your orders right away. 

In case you want to know anything else about our wall cladding offerings, do connect with us.


Q. Why Choose Wall Cladding?

Wall cladding, either for external or internal applications, is meant to protect your property from weather or climatic damage. Not only that, but it is also meant to hold onto the aesthetics of your property for years to come. 

Q. How is Cladding Attached to a Building?

The cladding is attached to a building, either with wall hung or wall punched technique. In wall hung, the aluminium profiles are used to build a frame for the cladding panels to attach to them. On the other hand, the wall-punched system doesn’t demand the use of aluminium profiles, as the panels are directly attached to the walls. 

Q. Is Wall Cladding Fire Resistant?

Yes, both Armour External and Shaurya Internal wall claddings are fire-resistant! 

Q. How Does Wall Cladding Protect a Property?

Wall claddings are meant to create a protective shield around the property to guard it from wind, UV rays and rain, which enhances the durability of the surface and maintains its aesthetic look. 

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