Types of Compacts from Merino Laminates

Merino Laminates, March 4, 2022

Compacts are self-sustainable surface solutions used to enhance the durability and appeal of residential and commercial areas. They are most commonly installed as external and internal wall cladding, kitchen countertops, furniture, and panels to add to the appearance and utility of the space.

The expert interior designers recommend Compacts as the best solution for different surfaces. They are high-pressure laminates made of Kraft & decorative paper. They come with several advantages including beautifying the home decor, and are resistant to water, heat, sunlight and atmospheric pollutants. They are also easy and cost-effective to maintain.

Merino offers a wide range of Compacts featuring multiple design configurations, sizes, shapes and finishes with an extensive range of application areas.

Different Kinds of Merino Compacts and their Key Features

The premium range of Merino Compacts includes Merino Armour External Wall Cladding and Standard Compact.

Merino Armour External Wall Cladding: Armour is designed using superior cladding technology called ‘Merino Superclad Technology’ to withstand weather extremities. Armour offers a variety of high-quality luxurious designs with subtle variations. It is highly resistant to drastic weather, UV rays, humidity, termites, fire and is anti-corrosion. Armour also features design and texture versatility including wood, stone and allows you to personalize it in your way. Merino Armour Compact is truly an embodiment of durability and elegance. Its two subcategories include Armour Superclad and Armour Film.

Armour External Wall Cladding Film- Consisting of UV resistant filmed layer, the Armour Film wall cladding is a range of high-pressure and dense Compacts. It comes in different designs and finishes providing perfect application for exteriors.

Armour Superclad- Manufactured with a superior external cladding technology called ‘Merino Superclad Technology’, it makes the exteriors of a building enduring to the core and helps withstand the erratic weather conditions. Armour Superclad is popularly used in the exteriors of high profile offices, banks, malls, and luxurious homes.

Standard Compact: This solid grade compact has an inner core of celluloid fibers filled with thermosetting resins, which are resistant to atmospheric and chemical actives. Standard Compacts are antibacterial in nature and can resist fire, water, and scratches effortlessly. They offer a wide range of designs and can be used in varied applications like kitchen-tops, door-tops, offices, laboratory work-tops, wall panels, partitions, railway compartments and much more. Merino Compacts also provide a screen against damp, frost rain, sunlight and termites.

Now that you are aware of the benefits and key features of Merino Compacts, get internal as well as external wall cladding installed in order to keep your property intact in the long run. To explore more, visit Merino’s website today.

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