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Latest Kitchen Countertop Trends in 2023

Merino Laminates, December 11, 2023

There was a time when kitchen countertops were made with just black granite or white marble. But they are not the only options anymore! As of today, you have various options that define style, lavishness, durability, and aesthetics for your kitchen countertops. 

If you have been renovating your home or constructing a new one, you can’t just ignore the kitchen countertops for sure. Therefore, this article brings to you some countertop design trends that will help you decide on what’s the best pick for you to count on. 

What are Kitchen Countertops?

Kitchen countertops is considered a flat and raised surface within the kitchen, which is used for preparing food, cleaning vegetables or chopping ingredients. Even for the most humble meals you can think of, there is always a need for some convenient countertop space, for easy management of the kitchen. The more the room, the cleaner and organized your kitchen will be! 

Top 5 Popular Kitchen Countertops in 2023

Have you already decided on what’s the best interior theme for your house? Well, you have definitely crafted out most parts of your property, but did you emphasize the kitchen’s appeal? We aren’t talking just about the cabinets that you surfaced with outstanding laminates but about the countertops that will be used the most in the kitchen space. 

Kitchen countertops take up a considerable amount of space and attract attention every time you walk into the area. It is true that lavish cabinet designs with laminates would set an ambiance, but if your countertop isn’t contrasting with the overall design of the space, the appeal won’t be satisfactory. 

So, here are some of the kitchen countertop trends for you to think of what would be the best pick for your space:

1. Dramatic Stone-Look Countertops

You can prefer using durable Merino Hanex, a range of solid surface countertop finishes that replicate vibrant and uniquely appealing textures and use them for your countertops. Some designs might even give you the appeal of real stone countertops. Using these solid surface laminates, you can expect some dramatic veining design, which sweeps over the bold stone-like texture, giving you a pop-out effect. 

Either you stick to the black beat or silver-white appeal, or you go with some solid monotonous shades, there are laminate options available for all. All you have to do is pick the ones with some dramatic patterns that would proliferate the use of them at the kitchen countertops. 

2. Go For Some Matte & Raised Textures

For ages, the kitchen countertops were preferred to be smooth, matte, or polished! But, it is time to overcome this dominating design tradition. There are various other surfacing ideas, and one of the most hit options is raised markings or textures. The touch & feel of these countertops will be quite different than that of the smoother finish ones. 

This would improve the functionality and style of your kitchen space and will add depth to the aesthetics. The Merino Infusio collection comes with various design options for you to choose from, as you prefer textured or raised finishes for your kitchen countertops. Such finishes are acquired by adding a sub-layer onto the stones, granules, and glitter, resulting in a standout appeal. 

3. Go For Extra-Large Slabs

When it comes to kitchen countertops, you don’t just want them to be appealing but also functional enough. So, depending on the space you have in your kitchen, you can consider installing the larger countertops. This is a trend because not only do people get a good space to work on their kitchen chores, but they can make their kitchen space look even more attractive. 

Talk to your designers about how they can fit in a larger countertop, and take their suggestions on what design would work well for aligning it with that of the other design elements of the kitchen. When you decide upon the design, you can head out to Merino Laminates and pick your preferred option from our countertop range. 

4. Playing With Shades of Natural Elements

The biggest trend for kitchen countertops is to play around with colors. And within this trend, the color of natural elements is being appreciated the most. The tones, such as natural maple or natural ashwood, can now be replicated in the form of kitchen countertop laminates

Beyond the natural stone textures, these earthly elements are now projecting a great ambiance for the kitchen space. Irrespective of what your preferred color scheme is, considering the theme and preference, you have laminate options to give your kitchen space a realistic and luxurious vibe, such as wall stone, gelato parched stone, rustic parched stone, or silver stone. 

5. Embrace the Warm Colours

Warmer shades being used as laminates for your kitchen countertops will add a modern, classic touch to the appeal. Go for some rich earth-centric tones meant to project some warmth and natural tone. 

It would bring a sense of calmness and well-being into your home, which will give you a positive vibe working in the kitchen space. This isn’t a minimalist look! Instead, it is a sustainable kitchen countertop design trend that will make you feel more connected to nature. 

Why Choose Merino Countertops for Kitchen?

If you had a chat with your designer and have now decided on getting specific textured, matte, or glossy laminates for your countertop, Merino Laminates is here to provide you with an abundance of options to count on. We have laminate designs of all styles and colors to meet your unique preferences. Irrespective of the design theme you have in mind, you will find the right set of laminates in our store. 

Explore the collections, and you will be overwhelmed by the designs we have to offer! 


Q. What is the new trend in the kitchen countertops?

Kitchen countertops are now being designed with trends being considered on the forefront. One of the newest trends in the arena for you to count on is, use of laminate sheets as the surfacing material.

Q. What is the most popular countertop right now? 

Granite kitchen countertops are considered the most conventional, but is quite expensive. Therefore, you can stick with the laminate options which can replicate the look of the granite, but at less than half the price. 

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