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Strength & Durability Redefined
Ultra Low VOC
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Strength & Durability Redefined
Ultra Low VOC
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Strength & Durability Redefined
Ultra Low VOC
Discover More
Health Friendly Chipboard
Super Strong Chipboard
Fabulous Designs & Textures

Merino unveils versatile chipboard, expanding woodworking


Why Chipboard is a
Game-Changing Innovation?

Most Advanced Material

Merino FABWOOD is manufactured with 100% pure wood which is sustainably sourced through managed Agro –Forestry. Proprietary advanced re...

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Product Excellence

Merino FABWOOD is Health Friendly, complies with the stringent E1 formaldehyde emission standard (common in Europe), thereby severely r...

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Faster Turnaround

FABWOOD panels are ready-to-use prelaminated chipboard solutions that are ideal for the modular furniture manufacturing process. With r...

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Versatile Applications

FABWOOD panels due to its superior core construction can be used for versatile needs across offices, home furniture, retail showrooms,...

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Sustainable Choice 

Our timber is 100% sourced through sustainably managed Agro-Forestry, reflecting our deep commitment to environmental conservation. Fur...

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Why Merino FABWOOD is the Smart Choice!

Expertise and Historical Advantage

Celebrating 58+ years of excellence, Merino group has 5 state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, 16,000 Dealers and Distributors, 88,000 Carpenters...

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Leading Innovation

One thing that has been common throughout our decades-long journey is innovation. Focussed on this endeavour, we have added coherent value to our prod...

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World's Leading Exporter of Furniture

Merino proudly stands as the global leader in furniture export, shipping to over USA, Middle East, Australia, and Thailand countries worldwide. This g...

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Leading Manufacturer of High-Pressure Laminate

With a production capacity of over 20 Million Sheets per annum, Merino is a leading name in high-pressure laminate manufacturing. The same high-precis...

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International Presence in 80 Countries

With the powerful presence across 80+ countries, Merino gains unique global insights which empower our product innovations. With our expansive interna...

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What’s Fabulous About FABWood?

Health Friendly
  • E1 grade chipboard - Low Formaldehyde Emissions.
  • Complying to Stringent European Standards.
Super Strong
  • Best-in-class screw holding capability: No Impact after 25, 000 hinge operations
  • Advanced split resistant core: Revolutionary chip weave technology for uniform density and strength
  • Superior load bearing strength: Complies to BIFMA uniform distributed load and concentrated load requirements.
  • Exclusive Textures: Unlimited choice of unique and premium designs
  • Ultra Smooth Calibrated surface: Calibration preciseness of 0.1 mm for a consistent thickness

Health Friendly Super Strong Chipboard


Unveiling the Science Behind Merino FABWOOD's Excellence

Manufactured in one of the India’s largest & most advanced 4.0 enabled fully automated chipboard plant with German Technology.

Superior Flaking Technology

FabWood uses worlds best Maier Chipper & Pallmann Ring Flaker which ensures that all the flakes are of the similar size & thickness in each layer.

Fully Automated Imal Resin Dosing System

Ensures uniform coating around flakes. With automated inhouse resin manufacturing setup producing consistently highest grade of resins.

ANTHON CTS(Cut-To-Size) Automated Line

World's most precise automated panel cutting technology with cutting tolerances up to 0.3mm in all dimensions.


Contentious Pressing System technology that produces superior board construction with homogeneous density having 3D Chip Bonding.

STEINEMANN Automated Panel Sanding Line

World’s best and most advanced cross-head sanding system ensures calibrated ,smooth and defect free surface with calibration precision up to0.1 mm.

धर्मो रक्षति रक्षितः

Dharmo Rakshati

  • Bhumih (Soil)
  • Apah (Water)
  • Analah (Fire)
  • Vayu (Air)
  • Khang (Space)

E1-compliant eco-friendly chipboards with significantly less formaldehyde

Agro Forestry

Merino Industries limited recognizes the importance of natural ecosystems including forests, water and land and we are striving to contribute to afforestation, carbon sequestration and emission reduction, protecting and promoting biodiversity and the rights and livelihood of local communities by promoting sustainable and responsible forestry and sourcing timber from sustainable and legal sources within the scope of our supply chain.

Merino Industries limited is committed to sourcing wood from outside of natural forest sources, wherein legality of the supply chain originating from the plantations to the delivery at the factory is assured. Merino Industries Limited is striving to progressively bring our wood sources and wood supply chain under the scope of third-party certification, specifically Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification. the roadmap of our strategy to strive for a transparent, legal and sustainable wood supply chain that benefits the environment, and the local community has been illustrated as follows;

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Master Every Space with FABWOOD Collection

FABWOOD’s range is tailored to meet the diverse needs of our esteemed customers such as OEMS and Architects. Every range embodies our unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability, ensuring long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing, and high-performance solutions for any project.

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Best suited for interior furniture, it promises longevity, aesthetic appeal, and superior performance.





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