Exterior Worktops

Exterior Worktops with “Cross-Linking Polymer Technology” providing weatherproofing shield to safeguard your exterior furniture against everyday weather variations and extreme climatic conditions.


Weather Resistant


These laminates are wear resistant due to surface coating that is applied to the laminate to extend the lifetime of your surface.

Moisture Resistant

Climate Resistant

Termite Resistant

Impact Resistant


    Exterior Worktops

    • Merino Exterior Worktops perfectly blend strength and beauty in a compact laminate. Uncompromising durability, steady protection, timeless aesthetics, and the ability to withstand any climate make for a beautifully strong surface.
    • These laminates come in an assortment of high-quality and luxurious designs with subtle variations, that do not just add style to your surroundings but also resist damage from extreme conditions.
    • Merino Exterior Worktops are suitable for non-structural outdoor furniture such as cabinetry, benchtops, tabletops, BBQ areas, children’s play area structures, outdoor signage, and open-air kitchen surfaces.
  • Advantages
    • Exterior high grade for extreme weather properties.
    • High Resistance to fixing.
  • Composition Text
    • UV Resistant Film Layer- Highly functional surface layer for exterior properties.
    • Overlay- Impregnated in melamine resin.
    • Decor Paper- Plain or Printed Paper impregnated in MF resin.
    • Underlay [Barrier]- Melamine impregnated.
    • Core- High-Quality Kraft paper or colorcore impregnated with Phenol Formaldehyde/melamine resin is used to achieve the required thickness of the product.
  • Application Areas
    • Exterior Table-tops
    • Various counter-tops exposed to sunlight
    • Furnitures Exposed to sunlight
  • Test Data
  • Disclaimer

    Physical laminate colour may vary from its digital interpretation. The colour appearance of original products may vary due to external factors.


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