The world of Luvih contains fascinating elements that serve as an inspiration for beautiful interiors. These elements stimulate our latent desire for the less ordinary and serve as luxury, a fitting ode to our Premium offering. These haute matte surfaces have a satin smooth finish that gives an irresistible charm. Luvih comes with premium features such as High scratch resistance, EZ clean ,antibacterial ,antifungal. Luvih are proven surfaces that have high impact resistance, high abrasion resistance and high chemical resistance.
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    Our belief of diversity in aesthetics arises from the splendour of natural elements. We offer luxury that is inspired, created and elevated by nature. We customize the postulates of luxury to befit your needs and stature. Here’s a look at luxury, beyond the ordinary in its diversified zenith:

    Key Features

    Haute Matte

    Designed with Haute Matte Feature, Luvih surfaces offer a Haute Matte look and a satin like soft touch which perfectly complements your decor style.

    Satin Smooth Touch

    The soft and gentle premium touch adds an irresistible charm to your decor.

    Fingerprint Resistant

    Engineered with Finguard Technology, these surfaces are highly resistant to fingerprints, finger-grease and oily smudges.

    High Scratch Resistance

    Luvih surfaces by merino are designed to resist scratches, remaining aesthetically appealing for years to come.

    EZ Clean

    Keep the newness intact for years to come with easy-to-clean premium Luvih laminates

    • anti bacterial
      & anit fungal

    • Safe for food

    • Stain

    • high impact

    • Chemical
      Resistance as per
      SEFA 8.1

    • high abrasion

    • high moisture

    • Suitable for
      Horizontal & Vertical applications

    Inspired by the premium aesthetics of the matte finish, this laminate fulfils your decor desire through a satin-smooth feel. The Finguard feature is incorporated for fingerprint resistance that keeps the surface new.

    Curated to give you a choice of patterns that harmonize with the look of a twinkling night sky, StarDust surfaces are adorned with glitters, granules, and stones with a satin-smooth feel to give your decor a sense of flamboyance.

    Crafted to give your surfaces a uniform look throughout, these laminates come with uniform colour core and are high on aesthetics with satin smooth feel.

    These compact give you a haute matte finish and are extremely sturdy in nature. They can be used on both vertical and horizontal surfaces. These laminates do not need a substrate and can be applied directly on the surfaces. These are available in a surfeit of colours, designs and size options.

    These laminates are specially designed to fit seamlessly on non-linear surfaces, with the ability to bend, they blend in to give you a smooth, aesthetic look. These postforming laminates are available in a wide range of designs.

    Redefining seamlessness, Edge by Luvih offers an exceptional edge to edge finish for your furniture. These unified surfaces not only offer a smooth continuous look but will also transform your home and commercial space with amazing grace.

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