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Our Products

Experience luxurious aesthetics and functional surfaces with Merino


Numerous designs capturing the imagination of designers and allow you to elevate your interiors.

Special Laminates

From customizable digital laminates to surfaces that allow writing, special laminates are crafted with the finest technology to provide functional benefits with premium aesthetic appeal.


Performance Laminates

The performance laminates are engineered to perform beyond ordinary purposes. They come with special performance features such as being chemical resistant, electro-static dissipative, and fire-retardant.



A range of compact high-pressure laminates made of kraft & decorative paper that come with the promise of strength and durability. Available in multiple design configurations, sizes & shapes, for various application areas.



Be it gloss or matt, our Meister Surfaces come in a multitude of styles and colours that can transform the aura of your spaces along with special features like being scratch-resistant and impact-resistant.



Merino Plywood is crafted with leading technology to give furniture the ultimate strength and support. The plywood is built with indigenous quality timber like Eucalyptus (Safeda) and Poplar to make Merino Plywood enduring from within. The remarkable strength comes with resistance to any type of climatic adversity, making it long-lasting.


Solid Surfaces

Merino Hanex Solid Surfaces are made with a unique blend of acrylic resins and natural materials that allows easy fabrication without conspicuous seams and can be cut, shaped, and formed into a boundless range of designs.



Haute Matte Surfaces are inspired by the beauty of nature. The fingerprint-resistant, satin-smooth finish of this collection redefines luxury, taking it beyond the ordinary.


  • Antibacterial


  • Impact resistant

    Impact resistant

  • Extremely Strong

    Extremely Strong Build

  • Scratch Resistant


  • Highly Decorative

    Highly Decorative

Our Story

Here's our story:

From a humble beginning with the launch of plywood in 1974 and subsequently high-pressure laminates in 1981, the Merino Group has come a long way. Today, the group is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of decorative laminates for interiors and has global recognition of being a leader in the laminates and panel industry. The Group has diverse business interests that expand from Interior Architectural products to Information Technology to Agro products. With its presence in over 80 countries that span across the five continents. From Chalkboard laminates and countertop laminates to wardrobe laminates and cladding for your exterior walls, a plethora of options await you.

Driven by the inherent value of constant innovation, Merino offers a diverse bouquet of multiple surfaces with infinite design possibilities that showcase its world-class manufacturing prowess. The ever-growing network of stakeholders corroborates the group’s eminence and indicates a promising future for years to come.

Why Choose Merino Laminates?

Beautifully Strong Legacy

Strong Legacy

We are delivering products that improve ordinary experiences with spaces that are aesthetically pleasing and also durable.

Trusted by the world

Trusted by
the world

We hold a strong presence in over 80+ countries and fulfil the promise of producing products responsibly and that last long.

Endless possibilities

Certification and

Quality is a tradition that we follow meticulously and work constantly towards meeting legal standards in the areas of a healthy indoor environment, product performance, and a greener planet.

Quality that does not compromise on style

Style that does not compromise on quality

All our surface solutions are crafted with multiple layers under specific conditions to make what not only look good but last long with minimal maintenance.

Certification and accreditations

Infinite design possibilities

Our entire collection is crafted to be not just durable but also provide a large range of designs and finishes. From finishes inspired by nature to customize designs, each laminate is made to add a unique touch to your space.

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