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Environment & Sustainability

Environment & Sustainability

The world isn’t just our planet; it’s our home. Here hope speaks the language of love, emotions take the form of relationships, magic coexists with inspirations, and strength stands for beauty.

This beautifully strong home never ceases to amuse us, and that’s why at Merino we commit to business practices that behave ethically and responsibly towards the environment and its sustainability.

Merino: Environment First

As a corporation deeply connected with India’s soil, the Merino group stands firm by its value of Environment First. It is this value that inspires Merino to not only adhere strictly to all prescribed environmental norms but go a step beyond compliances and bring about a positive change in the environment through ecological improvement. We strive for responsible competitiveness through our three-pronged approach that puts environmental sustainability factors at the heart of all our processes and decision making.

Merino: Energy Management

Reducing the ecological footprints through carbon reduction by increasing our dependence on clean, renewable energy at our facilities. i.e., solar panels, biomass and biogas. The Group fulfils over 60% of its energy requirement through clean energy along with key steps for optimum energy conservation.

Merino: Water Management

Focused practices to reduce, recycle and reuse water consumption. Replenishing and restoring water sources to reach our target of zero discharge and double recharge. Waste management and emission control through air quality and soil.

Merino Group & Environment

Merino Group, with its focus on building a healthy environment, has taken various initiatives to conserve natural resources. We actively work towards reducing pressure on natural resources by adopting an effective pro-environment stance alongside adhering to eco-conservationist standards. We have undertaken the following environment-friendly practices at our manufacturing facilities.

  • We are meeting a major part of our Electrical and Heat Energy requirements with Agro waste fired Boilers and Steam Turbines.
  • We utilize the Ash, which is of Organic origin, partly for making Ash Bricks and partly as an Organic Fertilizer mixing it with Slurry from our Bio Reactors producing biogas from the waste of the Food Processing Plant.
  • We also produce more than 500 M. Tons of Vermicompost using the waste from the Potato Processing Plant. We burn all combustible waste in the Incinerator and utilize the Heat to Dry Agro Waste used as Fuel.
  • We encourage Plantation and development of “Green Belts” inside our premises as well as in the neighbourhood.
  • We have reduced water consumption from 1000 KL to 600 KL and have initiated rainwater harvesting for tapping at an average of 300 KL / Day. We have also taken this initiative further to villages close by.
  • We care for the Air. All Electrostatic Precipitators are in place as we are shifting our Air Handling Units (AHUs) from conventional through VAM Chillers using Waste Heat.

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