Solid Surfaces

Solid Surfaces

A range of flexible laminates that can be fabricated and installed in almost any application without conspicuous seams and can be cut, shaped and formed into a boundless range of designs.




Merino High-Pressure laminates are made of specially decorative papers and absorbent kraft paper impregnated with melamine and phenolic resins. These are then pressed and hardened under heat and high pressure.

Special Laminates


Infusio Laminates


Synchronized Laminates


Anti-Finger Print Laminates


Metallic Laminates

Tuff Gloss MR+

Mar Resistant With High Gloss Laminates

Uni+ (Unicolour)

Unicolour Laminates


Writeon Laminates

Imagino (Digital Laminates)

Customized Digital Laminates

Performance Laminates

AB+ (Antibacterial Surfaces)

Antibacterial Surfaces

Chem+ (Chemical Resistant Lab Grade)

Chemical Resistant Lab Grade Laminates

ESD+ (Electro Static Dissipative)

Electro Static Dissipative Laminates

FR+ (Fire Retardant)

Fire Retardant Laminates

Armour (External Wall Cladding)

Merino Armour™ External Wall Cladding epitomizes beauty and toughness. It has been built with the superior external cladding technology called “Merino Superclad Technology” which makes the exteriors endurable to the core and helps it withstand the impact of erratic weather conditions.

Shaurya (Internal Wall Cladding)

Merino Shaurya Internal Wall Cladding Solution is a High Pressure Compact Laminate based wall protection system with a first-of-its-kind technology in India. The primary role of these laminates is to provide protection to the internal wall from di­fferent damages viz. water, scratch, graffiti, soiling, impact, colour fading and minor burn marks.

Standard Compact

The solid compact laminate (Phenolic core board) consists of layers of cellulose fibrous material impregnated with thermosetting resins and bonded together by the high pressure process. With antibacterial qualities and high durability, these are ideal for restroom area applications.

Gloss Meister

Matt Meister

Post Laminated Panels

Impreza Coloured Core Tops

Impreza (High Performance Ultra-thin Compact Surfaces)

Coordinated Surfaces Harmony

Harmony (Authentic, Natural & Matched Coordinated Surfaces)

Merino Blockboard

Merino Doors

Merino Plywood

Stone Veneer

Stoven (Flexible Stone Veneer)

Key Features


These stone veneers have high durability keeping your surfaces maintained for long.


Easy installation and fabrication process makes these laminates reliable.

Easy to maintain & repair

These laminates are easy to maintain and repair based on everyday use.

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