Pre-Laminated Particle Boards & Medium Density Fibre Board

Medium Density Fibre board is an engineered wood product formed by first breaking softwood into wood fibres, combining the same with wax and resin and then forming panels by applying high temperature and pressure. It is a building material similar in application to plywood which is made of separated fibres, but not wood veneers and is denser than particle board.


Merino has now added bigger sizes of 9’X6′ & 8’X6′ pre-laminated boards to its existing size of 8’X4′ 

The new sizes are more economical and provide you with more flexibility in planning and designing. What’s more, we offer the same colours and designs to match pre-laminated boards for general purpose laminates, post forming laminates, speciality laminates and other customised furniture. Merinova pre-laminated boards are also available in 8’X4′ and in all shades of the Merinolam range.



  • Protect corners and edges while loading and unloading 
  • Do not slide, drag or drop the boards 
  • Boards should never be stacked vertically 
  • They should be stored in stacks horizontally on a flat surface 
  • In extreme damp and dry conditions stacked boards should be covered with plastic sheets

Key Features


The structure of this laminate is build to have stable dimensions within a wide range of temperatures.


Specially treated EB cured layer makes these Panels resistant to all kinds of chemicals.


These come with water-resistant technology to protect your surfaces from everyday spills and splashes.


Resistant to the effects of steam and heat, making these durable and reliable.

  • Introduction

    Merinova is a multi-application pre-laminated board that is tailor-made to the customer’s orders and specifications. These boards are ideal for panels, cupboards, table tops, cabinets and modular office furniture. The pre-laminated finish of Merinova gives every design a clean and sophisticated look.

  • Application Areas


    • Vertical
    • Horizontal

    Ideal for:

    • Wall Panels
    • Cabinets
    • Cupboards
    • Modular office furniture
    • Table-tops
    • Modular home furniture

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