Merino Doors

Honeycomb structure makes Ply-comb light outstandingly light-weight, yet keeping the same strength as regular flush door. The hexagonal structure of the core makes it best for acoustic absorption. Utilization of innovative material helps in ecological conservation unlike any other manufacturing units. The novelty of the product lies in its honeycomb shaped core which makes it “Light as feather as string as steer”.

Key Features


Made from the quality of wood that is termite and borer resistant.


Highly resistant to termite and fungal attack.

Phenolic Formaldehyde Resin

Biological and chemical durability due to phenolic formaldehyde resin component.

Durable Strength

These laminates are build to hold outstanding potential for long durability.

Jointless Frame

Merino doors have an all-round jointless laminate frame.

Type Of Doors

  • Laminated Door

  • Multi-Laminated Doors

    Multi-Laminated Doors

  • Single & Multi Vision Doors

  • Groove Doors

  • Door with Edge Band

  • Double Door with Rebate

  • SS Groove Doors

  • Louver Doors

  • External & Internal Lipping Door

Specifications as per IS: 2202 Part - 1
Name of TestAs per IS: 2202 Part-1Result
A) DimensionTolerance
B) SquarenessDeviation not more than 1mm/500mm length
General Flatness TestDeviation is not greater than 6mm4mm
Local Planeness TestDeviation is not greater than .50mm in depth
End Immersion TestNo DelaminationNo Delamination
Glue Adhesion TestNo DelaminationNo Delamination
Knife TestNo crack/tear & delaminationNo crack/tear & delamination
Impact Inclination TestNo crack/tear & delaminationNo crack/tear & delamination

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