Chemical Resistant Laminates

Why You Should Select Chemical Resistant Laminate for Lab Countertops?

Merino Laminates, February 23, 2022

Laminates are a popular solution to provide aesthetics with great utility to any modern house. But when designing a laboratory, choosing the right material can be tricky as the selection of inappropriate material is not advisable. Hence, recommended by many expert interior designers, choose Merino’s Chemical Resistant Laminates that are engineered to strongly resist harsh chemicals.

What is Chemical Resistant Laminate?

Chemical Resistant Laminates are Performance Laminates crafted with a special grade, electron beam cured décor paper and Kraft paper impregnated with modified Melamine/Phenol Formaldehyde resin. This imparts extra protection to a highly prone chemical environment. Merino Chem+ Laminates provide exceptional resistance to strong chemicals like acids, alkalis, corrosive salts and other staining substances without compromising on style. They can be applied on different surfaces including sinks, counters, lab benches, and work surfaces in chemical laboratories, pathogen labs, photographic labs, nursing stations, cabinets, casework fronts, wall panels and more.

Why-You-Should Select-Chemical-Resistant-Laminate

Properties of Chemical Resistant Laminates

Lab countertops made with Merino Chem+ Laminates allow for high impact resistance and performance against harsh solutions in chemical environments. They provides huge applicability and are ideal for chemical, analytical, micro biological, healthcare, pharmaceuticals and educational laboratories. Merino Chem+ Lab Grade Laminate is free from porosity and is antibacterial in nature. These are highly durable surfaces providing better abrasion and scratch resistance. Available in an assortment of colors our Chemical Resistant Laminates are extremely affordable and can fit to any budget easily.

Benefits of Using Chemical Resistant Laminate for Lab Countertops

Highly Resistant to Chemicals- Specially treated with EB cured layer Merino Chem+ Laminates are resistant to all kinds of chemicals and reduce the risk of damage.

High Abrasion Resistance- These Chem+ products have a high resistance to abrasion, hence are suitable to all kinds of applications on surfaces that hold tools, glassware and other laboratory equipment.

Extra Durable- Infused with superior chemical and physical properties Chem+ Laminates are highly durable and recommended for areas that involve working, storing and disposing of chemicals.

Scratch Resistant- Merino Chem+ Laminates have higher scratch resistance than other products and laminates available in the market.

Low Maintenance– Chem+ Laminate requires very low maintenance and little care. In case of spills of chemicals, fast cleaning is strongly advisable. Make sure that hot objects or hot liquids don’t come in direct contact with the decorative surfaces for a long duration.

Merino Chem+ countertops can withstand lab operations, highly corrosive chemicals and heat exposure. If lab operation is your core business then Merino Chem+ products can be the solution to all your worries. For all laboratory furnishing requirements log on to Merino Laminates’ website now.

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