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Why Laminates Are The Best Choice To Be Used In Your Home Decor?

Merino Laminates, October 17, 2023

For interiors, decorative laminates are the most popular choice due to their aesthetics and durability. Whether you want to renovate your kitchen, make your living room more elegant, or spruce up the interior of your walls, designer laminates are the best choice.

What are Laminates? 

A laminate is a composite material formed by pressing layers of decorative paper and resin together under high pressure. Natural-looking surfacing is therefore created with this versatile and durable material.

If you’re considering redoing your home interiors and looking for suitable surface solutions, then, you’re at the right place. At Merino Laminates you will find premium quality laminates that can transform your boring interiors into appealing ones.

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Different Types of Laminate Sheets

By understanding the characteristics of each laminate type, you can choose the perfect designer laminate to meet your project’s durability, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, or aesthetic requirements. The following are some options to consider:

  • High-Pressure Laminate (HPL)

HPL is a durable and low-maintenance surface material that is resistant to abrasion and chemicals. It is a popular choice for countertops, cabinets, and other furniture surfaces. Also, it is fire retardant and easy to clean.

  • Low-Pressure Laminate (LPL)

The LPL is a cheaper alternative to the HPL. It is made from layers of paper with a melamine resin overlay. The LPL material is less durable than HPL, but it is simpler to clean and less expensive. Nevertheless, LPL should not be used in humid conditions or outdoors.

  • Compact Laminate

Compact laminate is a highly durable material used for countertops. It is made from layers of paper soaked in phenolic resin and pressed together at high temperatures. For various applications, it is resistant to scratches, corrosion, and abrasions, making it an ideal choice.

  • Postforming Laminate

Postforming laminate is a type of countertop material that is shaped and heat-fused to a substrate material, such as MDF or particleboard. Cost-effectiveness and ease of installation make it a common choice for countertops and cabinets.

  • Digital Laminate

Digital laminate is a countertop material that uses digital printing technology to create a high-resolution image or design. With its variety of styles and colors, it is a popular choice for both residential and commercial use.

  • Antimicrobial Laminate

Antimicrobial laminate is designed to protect surfaces from bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms. This type of laminate is especially helpful in areas that are prone to contamination, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Choose the right laminate sheet and create a canvas for your vision, enhancing both aesthetics and practicality.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Laminates for Home Decor

Laminates redefine both style and practicality in home aesthetics due to their endless design possibilities and enduring strength. Reasons for this include:

  • Versatility

Laminates come in an array of designs, textures, and colors, allowing you to achieve your desired aesthetic effortlessly.

  • Durability

Designed to resist scratches, stains, and fading, laminates ensure long-lasting beauty for years to come.

  • Easy Maintenance

Laminates are a great choice for busy households, as they require little more than a few cleaning routines to maintain them.

  • Cost-Effectiveness

In comparison to natural materials, laminates are more cost-effective while maintaining style and quality.

A laminate is more than a surface; it is a storyteller of strength and elegance. Adding a touch of luxury to any room, it conveys a sense of opulence and sophistication.

What Makes Merino Decorative Laminates Popular?

Merino decorative laminates are carefully designed surfaces. For many uses, such as furniture and closets, you can choose laminates to improve the look. Merino offers a variety of laminate textures, designs, and finishes that are suitable for different applications. 

Before selecting the right laminates for your home décor, let’s become familiar with the major characteristics of Merino laminates:

  • Moisture & Stain Resistant

A laminate that resists fingerprints, coffee stains, and other spills can be cleaned up with ease. If moisture-resistant laminates are what you want, Merino HPL is your best bet. These laminates provide a faultless finish on surfaces that are horizontal as well as vertical.

  • Extremely Durable

When purchasing products for your home, search for items that are high-quality, durable, and robust. Merino laminates have a wide range and are a great choice because they hold up well against deterioration and survive for many years without exhibiting any signs of damage.

  • Extremely Hygienic 

An innovative method of maintaining the necessary hygiene standards in a house or other location is to use antibacterial laminates. They have a magnificent appearance and outstanding functionality. Antibacterial and antimicrobial qualities are present in all laminates offered by Merino.

  • Countless Design Possibilities

You have a plethora of options with Merino decorative laminates. Choose from a large selection of high-quality laminates. Our entire line of special laminates comes with distinct features made to fit certain specific functions in various rooms of your home. 

With its simple installation technique, laminates can give your space a contemporary, premium, and sleek appearance be it kitchen, bathroom, living room, or bedroom. 

Choose the best laminates in India and create the interior style of your dreams!


Q. Which laminate is best for home?

The choice depends on your specific needs. In high-traffic areas, High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) is recommended, while Low-Pressure Laminate (LPL) is a more cost-effective option. Consider the options accordingly.

Q. What is the purpose of laminates?

Laminates serve the dual purpose of enhancing surfaces’ aesthetic appeal and providing a durable, easy-to-maintain layer that protects against wear, scratches, and stains.

Q. Which laminate is easy to clean?

Laminates are relatively easy to clean. Regular wiping with a damp cloth and mild cleaning solutions is sufficient to maintain their pristine appearance.

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