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Wall Decoration Ideas by Using Digital Laminates

Merino Laminates, July 27, 2022

Both in commercial and residential settings, digital surface designs are rising in popularity. If you want to give your ideas life, digital laminates are a great option. They can offer your area a distinctive appearance, enhancing its appeal like never before. We at Merino, offer an exclusive series of digital laminates called “Imagino”. It is available in a range of patterns, textures, and colors to fit any style of design in bedrooms, kitchens, worktops, and other spaces.

Why Imagino Digital Laminates?

Merino digital laminates are Special Laminates that can be produced digitally. Customers and designers have unrestricted creative freedom while using digital laminates. These colorful digital surfaces ensure a revitalizing appeal, whether they are used to decorate walls, furniture, counters, or any other interior feature. Imagino makes several claims about its advantages, including longevity, exceptional aesthetic appeal, ease of upkeep, limitless applications, and a wide range of substitutes.

Digital Laminates

Where Imagino Digital Laminates Can Be Installed?

Merino digital laminates can completely alter the look, feel, and usability of a place with essentially limitless options. You can apply them in many different areas, including:

Modular Kitchens– By combining unique designs in the form of decorative laminates, you can introduce a distinctive vibe to your cooking space. Additionally, you can easily mimic natural materials by using these digital laminates for the kitchen as wall paneling or countertops. They are easily washable surfaces and do not require any extra maintenance.

Kids rooms– A nursery classroom or child’s room can be beautifully decorated or uniquely customized with Imagino Digital Laminates. They can be used to make statement walls, decorate furniture, cover cabinets, and enhance the appearance of other objects like desks and tables. Additionally, our digital laminates have antibacterial properties that protect your kids from microorganisms.

Wardrobes– Use laminated versions of printed images on the wardrobes to replace your outdated wooden picture frames. Get the memorable events in your life printed on digital laminates so that you can think back on them frequently. Digital laminates for wardrobes can also help you express your creativity by combining pictures from various eras to create a memorable collage.

Fascinating Ideas for Using Digital Laminates to Create Beautiful Walls

Make your area unique with the help of these fascinating ideas and digital laminates:

  • Wall Art- With Imagino digital laminates, customization options are virtually limitless. They allow you to express your creativity and make one-of-a-kind pieces of wall art. On wall surfaces, tabletops, and even cabinets, you can draw different patterns with digital laminate sheets. You can contrast them with complementing colors based on your preferences for a more pleasurable experience or match the color scheme to your decor.
  • Sceneries– If you enjoy nature scenes, consider using digital laminates to incorporate them into your walls. Landscape-oriented digital laminates are a terrific alternative to traditional laminate patterns for your bedroom, living room, or even office. They give out a pleasant and tranquil atmosphere that raises the energy level in your space.
  • Abstract Design Patterns– People who want to deviate from the standard when it comes to home decor should choose abstract designs. Abstract digital laminates frequently provide a variety of distinctive patterns that can breathe fresh air into any living space. The abstract design like geometric patterns adds to the aesthetic value.

Imagino offers a multitude of options that let you play with colors, designs, textures, and patterns in countless ways. Check out more about this incredible Special Laminates collection today!

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