Merino Flush Doors

Types of Merino Flush Doors That Will Re-Discover Your Home

Merino Laminates, May 18, 2022

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression”

Doors are a vital requirement and aspect of every home, and they should not only be aesthetically beautiful but also have attributes such as durability, strength, water and heat resistance, and elegance as well as no warping over time. Providing a non-wooden door alternative, flush doors are trending these days. Flush doors from brands like Merino, are more lightweight, elegant, and durable as compared to other door brands.

What Are Flush Doors?

Merino flush doors are made of well-seasoned timber. The heart of the ply-cross board is framed with seasoned battens. For extra toughness, a layer of cross-bands is employed. Both sides of the cores are bordered by the face veneers. With pheno formaldehyde resin and permanent type preservatives, the cross-bonding procedure is carried out under high pressure and temperature.


Let’s have a look at the type of Merino flush doors-

Tubular Particle- This range of Merino flush doors provides structural strength and dimensional stability, as well as the flexibility to customize your doors with unlimited design options.

Honey Comb Flush Door- Ply-comb light’s honeycomb structure makes it exceptionally light while maintaining the same robustness as a standard flush door. The core’s hexagonal form makes it ideal for sound absorption. Unlike any other production unit, the use of novel materials aids in environmental conservation. The product’s unique feature is its honeycomb-shaped core, which makes it one of its kind.

Particle Board- Made of particle board and wooden frame, then covered with veneer face and ornamental laminate, this flush door series is the permanent solution to all your door needs.

Blockwood- The Blockwood flush door collection is made under high pressure and offers a wide range of design options with a personalized touch.

Why Merino Flush Doors?

Merino flush door’s wide range matches your décor while also complementing your interiors. The following characteristics make them a must-have product for any space.

Borers and Termite Resistant- Termite and borer-resistant wood is used to create this product. Hence, its termite and fungal attack resistance is high.

Durable Strength– These laminated doors are designed to provide a high level of long-term durability and can withstand daily wear and tear.

Frame without Joints- Merino Honey Comb doors have a laminate frame that is joint-less all the way around giving a seamless finish. It adds to the aesthetics of the interiors.

Easy to Install- Because of their lightweight and ease of installation, these are regarded to be an excellent choice for everyday use in both business and domestic areas. Flush doors are simple to install and resistant to large weight, making them an excellent choice for your interiors.

Low Maintenance- Merino flush doors are extremely easy to maintain. They just require regular dusting and wiping with a soft clean & damp cloth. Avoid using hard scrubs or scourers.

Merino provides diverse choices when it comes to the types of flush doors starting from multi-laminated doors to doors with edge bands and from double doors with rebate to external and internal lipping doors. To get more information about the range, browse the Merino doors’ section now.

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