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Top Distinct Features That Make Merino External Wall Cladding Stand Out

Merino Laminates, November 13, 2023

Wall cladding is a distinctive method of enhancing a building’s exterior and providing great protection from climatic threats. Picking the right external cladding can be a bit challenging. However, the best option to cover your outer walls is Merino’s Armour – an external grade compact. 

What is External Wall Cladding?

External wall cladding is a protective layer attached to the exterior walls of a building to enhance its aesthetics, durability, and insulation. This not only shields the structure from environmental elements but also contributes significantly to its overall visual appeal.

At Merino, we provide a variety of external cladding materials and design options. They are specifically built to give the exteriors of your building the facelift they need while providing the ultimate protection in adverse conditions.

external wall cladding

Distinct Features Of Exterior Wall Cladding

Below are the distinctive features that make Merino exterior wall cladding stand out from other surface solutions:

  • Defensive Against Harsh Weather

Wrapping your outside walls with Armour external wall panels will directly boost the level of protection of your property. Armour is made of premium materials using “Merino Superclad Technology” and is intended to withstand harsh conditions. In addition, it is impervious to other elements like hail, rain, and UV rays. 

  • Resistant to Corrosion & Moisture

The Armour range is resistant to corrosion, moisture, termites, and fading. In addition, it resists graffiti and reduces problems like damage, scratches, and others.

  • Energy Saver

Armour wall cladding helps in maintaining a cool interior temperature and provides good insulation by reducing heat absorption. It has been classified as an “Energy Saving System,” which means that wherever it is installed, it uses 20% less energy to regulate indoor temperatures.

  • Wide Range of Options

It will be difficult to choose a favorite from the Merino external wall cladding range when it comes to designs and colors. There are a plethora of different hues and patterns of modern exterior cladding to match your requirements and preferences effortlessly.

  • Fire Retardant

Merino provides fire retardant grade with EWC. Due to the fire retardant nature of our special edition HPL wall cladding panels, smoke and fire cannot easily travel throughout the building walls.

  • Easy to maintain

Another important factor that makes Merino outdoor cladding unique is its low maintenance. Armour external wall cladding is the least maintenance intensive option available, requiring only routine cleaning to keep its strength and look intact. 

Armour external wall cladding is the ultimate premium selection of high-quality, aesthetically pleasing exterior wall cladding for both residential and commercial buildings. Explore the range today!

Why Choose Merino External Wall Cladding?

Merino’s range of compact laminates for external wall cladding is particularly noteworthy. These compact laminates offer a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. Here’s why you should consider Merino Compacts:

  • Strength and Stability

Merino Compacts provide unmatched strength and stability, ensuring your external walls remain robust and secure over time.

  • Design Flexibility

The compacts category offers a diverse array of designs, allowing you to express your creativity and achieve a bespoke look for your building.

  • Weather Resistance

Built to endure diverse climatic conditions, Merino Compacts are an ideal choice for external applications, providing enduring protection against the elements.

  • Longevity

With Merino Compacts, you invest in a long lasting solution. These laminates are engineered for durability, reducing the need for frequent replacements or repairs.

Investing in Merino Compacts is an investment in practicality and sustainability. They are an ideal choice for homes and businesses.


Q. What material is used for external wall cladding?

Merino External Wall Cladding is primarily crafted from high quality compact laminates. These laminates are composed of layers of kraft paper impregnated with phenolic resins, fused together under high heat and pressure.

Q. How do I choose external cladding?

Choosing external cladding involves considering factors such as the climatic conditions in your region, the desired aesthetics, maintenance requirements, and budget. Merino’s wide range of options allows you to find the perfect fit for your specific needs.

Q. Is external cladding good?

Yes, external cladding is an excellent investment for several reasons. It enhances the appearance of your building, provides protection against the elements, improves insulation, and adds to the overall durability of the structure. Merino External Wall Cladding, in particular, offers a superior solution with its unique features and uncompromising quality.

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