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Top 6 Reasons Why LVT Flooring Is Perfect Addition to Your Kitchen

Merino Laminates, September 26, 2023

Luxury vinyl tile, also known as LVT, is a high-end, incredibly durable flooring option having a magnificent aesthetic. It has emerged as one of the top options for professional interior decorators for both residential and commercial applications.

Would luxury vinyl tile work well in a kitchen? Yes! Merino LVT has recently risen to the top of the market as a kitchen flooring alternative. Here’s a guide to understanding luxury vinyl tile flooring and its applications.

What Is Luxury Vinyl Flooring or LVT?

LVT is a type of flooring made up of several layers of different synthetic materials, such as PVC vinyl, with a thick top layer that has elaborate decorative embellishments. Luxury Vinyl Flooring offers a wide variety of premium designs and colours while imitating wood and stone flooring as closely as possible. LVT serves to give your kitchen interior an improved look with a touch of pure elegance. It has a vast range of uses from commercial to residential interiors.


5 reasons why LVT is the best flooring alternative for your kitchen:

  1. Exceptionally Robust: LVT is made of incredibly durable materials that can withstand almost anything, including high traffic and moisture exposure. LVT is suitable for usage in commercial settings as well. Installing this flooring will provide you with a durable, high-quality item for your home or place of business.
  2. Ultra Water Resistance: It has strong anti-slip and traction properties and is meant for spaces like the kitchen, where regular practical use could damage the design. It is also ideal for spaces like the dining area and living room.
  3. Easy to Maintain: LVT is an excellent choice that is also quite simple to maintain. Sweeping, dry vacuuming, and wet wiping with a scrub brush and warm water can all be used for routine cleaning.
  4. Antibacterial & Fungal: During manufacturing, a protective coating that is antibacterial and antifungal is applied to LVT. Additionally, LVT flooring comes highly recommended if you want to maintain a high standard of hygiene in your home as well as in busy areas like hospitals, schools, gyms, banks, and shopping centers. It upholds essential cleanliness and keeps hazardous microorganisms at bay.
  5. Mimics Appearance of Natural Flooring: It possibly replicates the appearance and texture of genuine hardwoods, natural stone, ceramics, and marble.

Due to the aforementioned advancements, LVT is now a highly sought-after flooring solution in the industry. To know more, explore the selection today!


Is LVT flooring suitable for kitchens?

Answer: Yes, Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) flooring is suitable for kitchens and is a popular choice for this space. LVT is designed to mimic the look of natural materials like wood or stone while offering several advantages that make it well-suited for kitchen environments.

Is vinyl flooring safe for kitchen?

Answer: Vinyl flooring, including LVT, is generally considered safe for kitchens. However, it’s essential to choose vinyl flooring products that meet industry standards for low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) emissions. Low-VOC or phthalate-free vinyl flooring options are available, ensuring a healthier indoor air quality in your kitchen.

What type of vinyl is best for the kitchen?

Answer: Merino LVT is best for the kitchen. It is ultra-water resistant, easy to maintain, antibacterial and antifungal.

How do I protect my kitchen vinyl flooring?

Answer: Stick to manufacturer-recommended cleaning products.

  • Clean the vinyl flooring regularly to remove dirt and spills promptly. 
  • Use a soft broom or a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment to remove dust and debris. 
  • For cleaning, use a damp mop with a mild vinyl floor cleaner recommended by the manufacturer. 
  • Refrain from using abrasive or harsh chemical cleaners, as they can damage the vinyl’s protective layer.

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