Top 5 Reasons Why High-Pressure Laminates Are on the Rise

Top 5 Reasons Why High-Pressure Laminates Are on the Rise

Merino Laminates, October 16, 2023

Phenolic panels or high-pressure laminates have gained immense popularity in the list of architectural innovations. The idea behind manufacturing these panels is to promote durability and freedom of design. These laminates are sustainable and versatile for homebuyers to craft the best appeal out of their homes. 

Phenolic panels were earlier preferred just for the exterior designs of a house. But, with the immense increase in demand for them, these high-pressure laminates are now used in interior applications as well. It is literally the favourite innovation for designers, architects and homebuyers. 

If you are new to the concept of high-pressure or phenolic laminates, this article will give you an insight into some of the crucial reasons why you should go with it over other available options. 

Understanding HPL (High Pressure Laminate) Panels

Phenolic or HPL laminate panels are known for their resistance to wear & tear and enhanced durability. They are made up of thermosetting resins and natural material layers. These raw materials are then cured under high temperatures and pressure, thus giving the panels their design, aesthetics and appeal. 

As these panels are sustainable in nature, most will think you will have to compromise on design factors upon choosing this eco-friendly option. But that’s not the case at all. You won’t have to sacrifice style, uniqueness or design factors while using the phenolic laminates. 

May it be colours, fastener systems, textures or customisation, you will have the flexibility of choosing any design that goes well with your house decor preferences. 

Reasons Why You Should Count on High-Pressure Laminates Over Others

Choosing HPL sheets over others might benefit your interior decor applications immensely. Here are a few reasons to help you feel more convinced about choosing these high-pressure laminates for your house interior decor preferences above other available options:

1. Enhanced Durability

Strength, durability and longevity are the three major characteristics of high-pressure or phenolic laminates. These properties allow these sheets to keep up with their aesthetic and designer appeal for a long time, with minimal maintenance. 

Considering the durability and strength, even commercial hubs such as hotels, airports or schools are using phenolic panels for their interior applications. The materials and process used in the making of these sheets make them scratch and impact-resistant. Thus, the regular wear & tear will be withstandable for these sheets. 

2. UV Protection

HPL laminate panels also have a good resistance against harmful UV rays. This is the ultimate characteristic of these panels, which makes them a great option for exterior applications as well. But as of today, even interior decor or functional pieces, such as furniture, TV panels or others, might also need UV protection, as people tend to keep their windows open to let fresh air and sunlight enter the property premises. 

So, without the laminates being UV-protected, the decorative surface might experience discolouration or fading. The harmful UV rays from the sunlight can damage wood or other organic materials over time, but the HPL sheet, made up of special materials, repels those damaging effects. Thus, the aesthetic appeal of the HPL laminate-embedded furniture or other decor pieces stays for a long time. 

3. Lowered Heat Conduction

The HPL or phenolic panels also have a low conduction rate, which implies better heat resistance for the laminates. This property of HPL makes these sheets ideal for being used across diverse applications where resistance from heat is of utmost importance. Due to the lowered rate of heat conduction, HPL panels become good insulators to repel heat buildup over the material. 

Considering this factor, the HPL becomes ideal for being used in kitchen walls, cooking countertops or bathroom surfaces. These places deal with some or a lot of heat during their operations, which demands the use of decor pieces that can bear those high intensities of heat daily. Beyond maintaining the design of the laminates, the heat resistance property enhances safety for people to touch a cooler surface even after dealing with heat-intensive applications. 

4. Unhindered Versatility

Even being sustainable, there’s no limitation on manufacturing the HPL panels based on size, colour, pattern, finish or thickness. Thus, irrespective of the interior application you think of, these high-pressure panels will turn out to be efficient in enhancing functionality and style for the space. 

Furniture, flooring and kitchen countertops are some of the common interior applications where phenolic panels are preferred. Depending on the size of your property and its specific rooms, these panels can be manufactured to fit the respective dimensions easily. Following that, the versatility in design and implementation allows people to use these panels in industrial, commercial or residential applications alike. 

5. Easy Installation & Maintenance

The high-pressure laminates offer you the flexibility of giving an astounding appeal when you mount it either vertically or horizontally. Moreover, you can also prefer using sub-structures such as steel, aluminium or wood. Multiple fastening options can be used with the HPL sheets, either exposed or concealed, to contribute further to the easy installation process. 

Once the installation is done, the maintenance is the next big thing to worry about. But, with HPL laminate panels, you needn’t take much stress upon it as well. These panels are impact-resistant and easy to clean, allowing the property owners to save their money on expensive maintenance or replacements in the long run. 


If you want laminate sheets for lockers, wall lining, bathroom partitions, furniture, signage or other such residential or commercial applications, phenolic or high-pressure panels will go well with all of them. All you have to do is find the right manufacturer and scroll through their collection to find the panels that go well with your design preferences. 

Well, to your astonishment, you have already found the top manufacturer of phenolic panels, Merino Laminates. Check out our collection across the store, and you will find yourself lost in the cosmos of attractiveness that you can imagine for your residential or commercial space. If need more information, get in touch with our experts, and we shall help you decide on your pick! 

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