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Top 5 Reasons to Install Wall Cladding From Merino Laminates

Merino Laminates, October 18, 2022

Wall cladding is a unique technique to freshen up a building’s exterior. It improves the property’s overall appearance by making it more appealing.

But picking the right outdoor wall cladding can be challenging. Thus, at Merino, we provide you with the best wall cladding solutions that are perfect for residential as well as commercial applications.

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Why Merino Wall Cladding Solutions?

Merino Armour External Wall Claddings collection is made with the “Merino Superclad Technology ” to make the exteriors endurable to the core and helps them withstand extreme climatic conditions. Armour, an exterior grade compact, is available in a wide range of premium and elegant designs that not only gives style to your surroundings but also resist the harm that harsh circumstances aim to cause.

5 Reasons to Install Merino Armour Compact:

  1. Outstanding Defense Against Erratic Conditions

At Merino, exterior wall cladding is created to withstand all weather conditions. Armour has undergone a particular treatment that makes it UV resistant and prevents yellowing. It is also corrosion resistant, graffiti resistant, protects the building from termites, and resilient to damage.

  1. Easy Installation

Merino external claddings come in various sizes and are intended to be used on vertical and horizontal surfaces. They are lightweight and are quite simple to install and transport.

  1. Insulation

Merino exterior wall cladding stays at a suitable temperature, saving you money on energy costs. It provides excellent insulation. When it comes to controlling indoor temperature, Armour has been classified as an “Energy Saving System,” with results of a 20% reduction in energy use.

  1. Warranty & Assurance (Where this is mentioned on website)

Merino Armour resists both natural and artificial weathering and prevents fading over time. It is divided into two subcategories: Armour Superclad Technology, which has a 10-year warranty, and Armour Film, which has a 5-year warranty against manufacturing flaws.

  1. Easy to maintain

When compared to other options, Merino’s external cladding is easy to maintain. It is one of the least upkeep options available, needing only routine cleaning to keep its quality and look intact.

Armour exterior grade compact laminate is the pinnacle of toughness and elegance thanks to ‘Merino Superclad Technology’ technology. Choose Merino Armour to provide your building with the required protection and facelift.

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