Top 3 Reasons to Use Internal Wall Cladding in Your Home

Top 3 Reasons to Use Internal Wall Cladding in Your Home

Merino Laminates, January 2, 2024

When it comes to enhancing the interiors of your residential or commercial spaces, wall cladding is one of the preferred solutions. It has become a standard feature in contemporary living spaces, particularly when attention is paid to finding the ideal balance between appeal and value.

Wall Claddings are known to improve the overall structural stability of the structure where they are put in, giving an unmistakably attractive appearance to walls.

Internal Wall Cladding – The Latest Innovation In Surfacing Solution

Internal wall cladding is a versatile and stylish way to enhance the aesthetics of your home’s interiors. It involves covering the walls with decorative materials that not only add beauty but also serve functional purposes. One of the latest and most talked about additions to this trend is Merino Internal Wall Cladding.

Prime Benefits of Using Internal Wall Cladding

To match the interior design theme of your project, Merino Laminates provides premium cladding options in a variety of designs and styles. Here are 3 reasons for choosing internal wall cladding panels to enhance the aesthetics and functional value of your property.

Internal Wall Cladding - Merino Laminates

  1. Water Resistant

Because interior cladding is water resistant, it not only gives your space an amazing look and value but also exceptional longevity. With interior cladding, common architectural issues like water leakage and seepage can be largely avoided. Your defenses against mold and other water borne hazards can be strengthened by using interior wall cladding with water resistance properties.

  1. Simple to Install

Wall cladding is a simple to install surface alternative to standard cemented wall surfacing, which calls for numerous layers of effort. This not only equates to significant cost savings, but it also means that you get a surfacing solution that is quite simple to fix when necessary. Merino Laminates internal wall claddings guarantee a flawless fit and finish with an easy installation procedure.

  1. Antifungal & Antibacterial

In places that are at high risk of the spread of disease causing micro-organisms like hotels, theme parks, music theaters, museums, theaters, and restaurants, HPL cladding is the perfect surface material. It makes sure that walls don’t actively help with the spread of micro-organisms. To provide the best safety, Merino interior anti bacterial and anti fungal wall cladding Is the perfect solution.

Additionally, HPL internal cladding doesn’t require any special maintenance and can be kept new for years. It also offers more specialized solutions for your interior spaces like fire resistance, customizable colors & designs, etc.

Choose Merino for Your Internal Wall Cladding Adventure

Merino isn’t just another paint chip in a jar. We are the pioneers of premium laminate solutions, with a passion for bringing innovation and design flair to your walls.

Internal wall cladding isn’t just a trend. It’s a gateway to a home that reflects your personality and elevates your lifestyle. With Merino by your side, transforming your walls from vanilla to va-va-voom has never been easier. Go to our selection of HPL cladding to make your home interiors stand out!


Q. What is the best internal cladding?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer. The best cladding depends on your budget, style, and needs. It should combine aesthetic appeal with functionality. Merino Internal Wall Cladding stands out due to its innovative design, durability, and practical advantages.

Q. What is the cost effective way to clad an internal wall?

While cost effective options exist, Merino offers a cost-efficient solution that doesn’t compromise on quality. The initial investment in Merino Internal Wall Cladding pays off in the long run due to its durability and low maintenance requirements.

Q. How do you install internal wall cladding?

The installation process for internal wall cladding can vary depending on the material you choose. Merino Internal Wall Cladding is designed for easy installation. Follow the provided guidelines and lightweight laminates can be installed efficiently. For specific instructions, refer to the installation guide provided by Merino.

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