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Marker Board Laminate: A Decorative Alternative to White Boards & Blackboards

Merino Laminates, September 27, 2022

Laminates bring a sophisticated look to any space, as they are incredibly appealing and durable. Marker board laminates give your spaces a sleek, contemporary appearance. The Merino marker board is one such example of these decorative laminates.

What Are Merino Marker Board Laminates?

The Merino Marker/Graph Marker Board is made with a unique kind of synthetic polymer that gives the surface resilience and makes it simple to clean up after using wet-erase or dry-erase markers. The decorative papers with melamine resin-impregnated surfaces are pressed over kraft paper core sheets with phenolic resin-impregnated surfaces to produce a marker board laminate. For both vertical and horizontal uses, the Merino marker board features a particular surface that makes it simple to erase the regular writing of liquid chalk.

Marker Board Laminate: A Decorative Alternative to White Boards & Blackboards

Our marker boards are the ideal alternative for your conference rooms, schools, auditoriums, and other offices. Additionally, these marker laminates can be used in places like banks, dining establishments etc.

Features of the Merino Marker Board

Stain Resistant

It is resistant to stains, smudges, and marks since it is non-porous and simple to clean. Hence, it can be used anywhere as per your requirements.

Scratch and scuff Resistant

The strong surface of Merino Writeons helps prevent scratches, especially from the changing pressures of daily use in an office setting.

Impact Resistant

As mentioned above, Merino marker boards are made of a unique kind of polymer and exhibit high standards of impact resistance.

Moisture Resistant

These white laminates are resistant to moisture and have decorative potential. The excellent adaptability makes them perfect for use with dry-erase and wet-erase markers. Therefore, Merino Marker/Graph Marker Board laminates can be maintained as new for a longer period of time.

The above-mentioned properties of Merino marker board laminates make them one of a kind. You can choose from the available designs including Chalk Board, Marker Board and Graph Marker. Explore the range now!

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