How To Choose the Right Type of Digital Laminates for Your Home?

How To Choose the Right Type of Digital Laminates for Your Home?

Merino Laminates, January 17, 2024

Digital laminates are the future of home decor, as they break the barrier of limitations to trending designs. These laminates have the ability to help you transform the living space entirely and derive a pleasant look. But, with the abundance of options out there to satisfy the popularity of digital laminates, it becomes difficult for you to choose the best for your application.

You don’t want to end up choosing the wrong digital laminate for your desired home decor applications. Therefore, this article will educate you on a few of the important factors in selecting the right set of digital laminates. So, read on to the end!

What are Digital Laminates?

Before you get an insight into the considerable factors in choosing the best digital laminate sheet options, you must know what it actually is.

Digital laminates are accountable as a modern solution for surfacing furniture, flooring, wardrobes, and even walls. With digital options, you have the liberty to get your custom designs printed on these laminates, giving a personalized and unique look to the house.

Beyond this, digital laminates are also durable and easily maintainable. There are a lot of pre designed laminates with Merino Laminates that are in high demand among Indians. At Merino Laminates, we ensure dimensional stability, moisture resistance, heat resistance, and scratch resistance with our digital laminate sheets.

Reasons Why Digital Laminates Are The Talk Of The Town

Digital laminates are the revolutionary surfacing solution that’s transforming interiors across the globe. Here’s why:

  • Unleash Your Inner Artist

Forget cookie cutter interiors! Digital laminates offer unmatched design freedom. Dream it, print it, and love it. From breathtaking landscapes to abstract patterns, and intricate textures to personalized family photos, the possibilities are truly endless.

Whether you are a minimalist craving sleek geometric prints or a maximalist yearning for vibrant florals, digital laminate sheets let you transform any space into a canvas for your imagination.

  • Durability Meets Dazzling Beauty

Don’t be fooled by their delicate looks. Digital laminates are built to last. They are scratch resistant, scuff proof, and heat resistant, making them ideal for high traffic areas like kitchens, bathrooms, and even commercial spaces. Plus, their high quality finishes resist fading and retain their vibrancy for years to come.

  • Sustainable Style You Can Feel Good About

Eco conscious design doesn’t have to compromise aesthetics. With their minimal VOC emissions and frequent use of recycled materials, digital laminates are an environmentally friendly option for your house.

Factors to Consider while Choosing the Best Digital Laminate Sheet For Your Applications

Here are some of the things you must consider before deciding on a particular type of digital laminate sheet to meet your applications:

  • Usage of these Sheets in Interior Design

You must be clear about where you are supposed to use digital laminates in your house for completing interior design projects. Digital laminates are mostly used as a surfacing solution for enhancing your furniture, wardrobe, kitchen worktop, cabinets, and others.

In short, there are limitless options for you to use digital laminate sheets in your house interior applications. But, the design options you choose for all your surfacing needs do not necessarily have to be the same. Therefore, take note of the areas where you are planning to use digital laminates and set aside different unique options for them.

  • Type of Digital Laminates

There are various ways in which you can consider using laminate sheets. Considering the diverse applications, you have flooring, cabinets, wardrobes, furniture, and other such laminate types manufactured specifically with trending designs for respective applications.

Each type of laminate being offered for your house interior applications is made with the utmost durability and longevity factors in mind. Merino Laminates is your one stop store for all types of digital laminates in specific categories. Pick your preference and scroll through the attractive options till you find the one.

  • Thickness of the Digital Laminate Sheet

You need to take note of the thickness of the digital laminate sheet before you buy and use it for your home interior applications. When you go with a thicker digital laminate, it will give you a more wooden like feel, enhancing the aesthetics of the interior. Moreover, thick laminate also results in detailed design etching.

The standard thickness of digital laminates ranges from 6mm to 12mm. Therefore, it is upon you to choose your digital laminate thickness, as per the suggestions and instructions provided to you by the architects or interior designers, before they can be applied to your home.

  • Determine Your Budget

When buying digital laminates, you have options in terms of various designs, colors, and patterns. Considering the variation, the prices of these digital laminate sheets also vary. Depending on what pattern or color distribution attracts your eyes the most, tally your budget with the pricing of those sheets.

Being strict with your budget or being slightly flexible with it is your call! You do want the best digital laminate sheets, but at the same time, it isn’t suggested to strain your pocket to be within your budget while attaining the best decor for your home. Therefore, Merino Laminates brings you the most affordably priced digital sheets for you.

  • Make Use of a Colour Sample

Before you buy the digital laminate sheets, order a color sample to check how the sheets will look after being installed. It is important because the laminate you see in the online store might look different after being installed on your property. Therefore, order a color sample and place it in the area where the laminates are about to be installed.

Give yourself enough time to test out different color samples, as it is your right to demand the same. As you are making a heavy investment in your home interior, use the right colored laminates to deliver long lasting aesthetics. Therefore, choose wisely using the samples!

Choose Merino – Pioneers In Digital Laminates

The digital laminate sheets are ideal for being used in commercial, residential, or retail spaces to enhance the overall decor of properties. Merino Laminates has a wide collection of pre designed digital sheets alongside custom or bespoke options to attend to your specific requirements on priority.

We ensure versatility and longevity with every designer digital laminate you buy from our store. Whether you are looking for digital laminates for wardrobe or kitchen, you can get it all at Merino.

To get along with confidence, we are also providing you with a limited period warranty to attend to your queries or questions regarding the products, even after delivering the sheets.


Q. What is digital laminate?

Digital laminate is a high tech laminate printed with high resolution designs or images using advanced printing technology.

Q. Which laminate is best?

The “best” laminate depends on your needs and preferences. However, digital laminates offer incredible design flexibility, durability, and sustainability, making them a top choice for many projects.

Q. Is laminate reusable?

While not designed for re use, there are some methods for removing laminate, though they might not be cost effective or practical in all situations.

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