How To Boost the Aesthetic & Functional Appeal of Education Institutions With Laminates?

Merino Laminates, October 27, 2023

Laminates are making their way across many industries. When talking about designing the interiors of any building, the use of laminates cannot be undermined anymore. This is true for educational institutions as well. Interiors of educational institutions tend to focus more on being functional and less on aesthetics. However, both purposes can be achieved with Laminates.

Not only are laminates so versatile that they can be used in practically all rooms of an educational institution, but they are also incredibly easy to maintain.

how_to_boost_ the_aesthetic_&_ functional_ appeal_of_education_institutions_with_Laminates

What is Chalkboard Laminate?

A Chalkboard Laminate is a versatile material designed to mimic traditional chalkboard appearance and functionality. It is often used in educational settings, offices, homes, and commercial spaces for various creative and practical purposes.

As a writable and erasable board material, it can be easily cleaned and maintained, making it a convenient choice for brainstorming, educational activities, and decoration.

Boosting The Aesthetics And Functional Appeal Of Education Facilities With Laminates

Fortunately, modern educational institutions, along with functionality, are now paying more attention to making the learning environment look and feel good. Laminates have been a crucial part of this transformation.

In an educational institution, laminates have many application areas and we have mentioned a few here.


Beginning with the most important part of an educational institution – classrooms. Classrooms are a perfect example of how laminates will help spruce up any surroundings. Say goodbye to pale walls and creaky old furniture. Discover interesting ways to decorate walls with Merino Panels so that the classrooms become perfectly happy spaces for children to learn. Think of installing Merino’s customizable digital laminates for smaller children. This is sure to enhance the overall learning experience. Merino gives you plenty of customization options here. Laminates can be used for tabletops and cabinets to change the whole look of classrooms for the better.

One of the best uses of laminates in classrooms is the white writing boards. Slate boards are quickly going out of fashion and writing boards are replacing them. When it comes to write board made of laminates- it does not get better than Merino Writeons. Designed for vertical and horizontal applications, Merino Chalkboard Laminate features a particular surface that allows for easy erasure of regular writing chalk.


Moving on, laboratories are another important part of an educational institution. Safe materials must be used in all kinds of laboratories. Performance laminates from Merino have been curated with exactly this intention. Discover Chem+ laminates to create world-class facilities for students in labs. Designed for environments highly prone to chemicals and harsh solutions, Merino Chem+ laminates provide exceptional resistance to chemicals without compromising on style.


Electrostatic Dissipative Laminates are yet another category of laminates from Merino that is essential in your computer labs. ESD+ special laminate from Merino drains out static charges, thereby minimizing the chances of sparking and damaging sensitive electronic appliances, making spaces completely safe for the best kind of learning.

Why Choose Merino Laminates?

With Merino laminates, you get world-class designs, and a range of superior quality laminates to choose from. Discover the use of laminates to upgrade the way an educational institution looks.

Be the pioneer of change when it comes to designing educational institutions.


Q. What are laminates? How can they enhance the aesthetics of educational institutions?

A laminate is a composite material made by layering and compressing paper or fabric with resin, characterized by a decorative top layer. By offering varied design options, customization, and the ability to mimic natural materials, it enhances the aesthetics of educational institutions.

With chalkboard laminates, schools can create visually appealing interiors, reflect their branding, and save money on high-end materials.

Q. What functional benefits do laminates offer in educational settings?

Laminates in educational settings offer durability, low maintenance, cost-effectiveness, and hygienic properties. They resist wear, scratches, and stains, making them ideal for high-traffic areas. Easily cleanable and sanitizable, non-porous surfaces reduce maintenance costs.

Q. What are the key areas in educational institutions where laminates can be used effectively?

Laminates can be effectively used in various areas within educational institutions, including:

  • Classrooms (desks, cabinets, wall panels)
  • Cafeterias (tables, seating)
  • Common areas (corridors, reception areas, lounges)
  • Libraries (shelves, tables, study carrels)
  • Restrooms (partitions, vanity tops)

These versatile materials contribute to aesthetics, functionality, and durability in these dynamic environments.

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